1 Year Ago Today


One year ago. Let’s see. A lot has happened in a year. Most notably this whole website. Yep! What a difference you see before you from where I was a year ago. And one year ago today I posted this video on YouTube and on the old Creator’s Leaf blog to show you how I draw Blooming Butter.

Blooming butter is a wonderful tangle pattern from Michele Beauchamp. I just love her art and get so much inspiration from her work. You may recognize her online as Shelly Beauch. Here is a link to her website with the same name.

I hope you will check out my YouTube channel for other tangling videos that will hopefully inspire your art!

Alice Hendon, YouTube

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8 thoughts on “1 Year Ago Today

  1. Thank you Alice! I’ve been doing this tangle and it is one of my favorites BUT I could never get it to look like I wanted – now I know why! Can’t wait to get to my drawing today.

    • I can’t believe it had been a year since I posted that video – time is going by fast

  2. Great to see your blog doing so well – I have tangled bits of paper I’m shepherding into a notebook at present, the floor has become my work area……….

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