Week 9 of The 100 Day Project


The 100 Day Project is 2/3 of the way done. Perhaps I should state that a little more positively, but I will be glad when it’s a done deal. I am getting so far behind on other projects and I’m starting to feel guilty. For the most part I am using a YouTangle.art Tile from Hahnemühle and Technical Drawing Pens from Zebra Pen for each day of art-making. They really make this so much easier. I have occasionally resorted to some digital drawing on my iPad to catch up, but this week it was all tiles and pens.

Day 57 was a fun one for sure! I love these little emoballs – they are such fun to draw! The color was Kelly Creates Aqua Brush Pens used as watercolor. I really like the splotchy effects.

Day 58 was another Kelly Creates Aqua Brush Pens background and I used a little different watercolor technique. The tangles are plum lei, O and paddle pedal. Lots of fun! The Zebra Technical pens work great on these Hahnemühle tiles and the color background.

For 59 I switched to Distress Oxide Sprays for the color. I really, really like the stippled effect – reminds me of cotton candy and bubblegum! Hahahaha! For patterns I used floral 2, printemps and zigmi.

Day 60 was a loosey goosey kind of day. I posted about this color technique which was also created with the Kelly Creates Aqua Brush Pens. There are so many ways to use those pens. And for tangling I actually used a fountain pen for this one.

Here is another Kelly Creates background for day 61. Getting my money’s worth out of those pens for sure! Hahaha! Love it when I love a product that much! Tangled with the technical drawing pens from Zebra and the pattern is my loop screen.

Day 62 was all basic black and white Zentangle. That main pattern is called my swing.

Another basic black and white day for number 63. The patterns are footlites and all boxed up. The shading really makes all boxed up stand out.

I already have five pieces of the next week tangled so it won’t be long till I’m back with a week 10 post. Hahaha! Do you need a tangle place to hang out? A place to learn tangling or to expand what you already know? Head on over to Tangle All Around on Facebook, knock on the door and answer the three easy questions and I’ll let you in. The questions are to prove you are not a machine. I know some people don’t like to answer questions but they really are necessary. Hope to see you there!

Reviews of the YouTangle.art Tiles are here and here.
YouTangle.art Tiles and other Hahnemühle products with purchase links
Technical Drawing Pens from Zebra Pen
Kelly Creates Aqua Brush Pens

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8 thoughts on “Week 9 of The 100 Day Project

    • thanks, kris, I love the color more than the black and white for sure

  1. I know you’re the queen of colour but I like seeing what you can do in B&W too and that last Footlites, ABU tile is great – so much movement!

    You’re doing so well with the challenge – I’m still cheering you on from the sidelines – and those Emoballs are adding harmonies!

    • hahahaha! singing emoballs. I have fallen so far behind. only so many hours in my day. chug, chug, chug said the little engine. maybe I can catch up

  2. It’s those Loosey Goosey flowers plus Loop Screen days that are my favourites – then that last one caught me unawares: interesting how Footlites lines & All Boxed Up auras echo each other…………

    • I guess my brain told me they would look good together – footlites and all boxed up. I really enjoyed drawing those.

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