Week 10 of The 100 Day Project


Week ten is done. Yes, I know I just posted week nine a couple days ago. Hahahahaha! I am on a roll. Yes?

Day 64 is the only day this week that I used an actual tile. YouTangle.art Tile from Hahnemühle. I wanted to do the whole project on these tiles, but I don’t have the time every day. But – on day 64 I had time to tangle up a tile. I used Technical Drawing Pens from Zebra Pen for the drawing – I am using those pretty much exclusively in my tangling. The color background was made with Distress Oxide Sprays from Tim Holtz. The tangles are all mine – starfire, Rubin, zone, hole in the hedge, spidey, chunky monkey and all boxed up. So much fun! I just drew out a whole tile full of boxes and started filling them up!

Day 65 – and all the rest for this week – I created on my iPad using an app called Procreate. Super easy and a lot of fun! The tangles here would be serpi and a variation of abukas. This color background is a gelli print that I showed you in a post a week ago.

Day 66. I guess I need to make a step out and name the outer row of this one.

Day 67. The color background is one I made with Distress Oxide inks awhile back. In the procreate app, I can bring in any of my color backgrounds I have saved on my iPad. Cool!

I went with a kind of tribal look for day 68. And a bit of frost flower and a bit of z-trik.

Day 69 incorporates some tipple and printemps. Super fun! The iPad makes this so easy and much quicker than tangling a tile. Although I feel more accomplished when I complete a tile. There will be more of those coming up next week.

And day 70 completes the week. This background is another gelli print from this post. You can see the geometric pattern in this one. Awesome! Patterns? Yes, there are patterns. No, they do not have names. Yet. Hahahaha! They will one day!!! When I have the time. Love you guys! Thanks for following along. I promise there will be tiles in next week’s post!

YouTangle.art Tiles and other Hahenmühle product with purchase links
Technical Drawing Pens from Zebra Pen

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8 thoughts on “Week 10 of The 100 Day Project

  1. Thank You! Beautiful back grounds! Love the tangles! Hope all the doctor visits went well with you hubby.

    • looks like we will taking out a loan so he can have surgery.
      those gelli print backgrounds work great with iPad tangling 🙂

  2. Odd the difference between computer & pen – maybe not. There’s definitely a relationship with the feel of pen on paper that’s missing with the computer. Where I want to use the computer though is in trying out permutations of pattern placing, now if I could get my head round that……….. That last one is fascinating – my favourite here together with the first which had me trying to match patterns with names (duh, yes I know, my brain !!!)

    • most of those patterns haven’t been published anywhere. yet. hahaha! they will all be in our book. which is slowly coming. it is taking forever to edit over 2000 little square steps for the patterns.

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