The 100 Day Project – One Year Ago


With the end of The 100 Day Project, 2019, getting closer and closer, I thought I’d pull out a post from last year. From July 11, 2018, the day I wrapped up my 100 days of tangling. It was a small celebration for sure! Hahaha!

Last year I used the Baby Leda Pocket Sketchbook from Leda Art Supply to complete the project in. Above you see my 100 pieces of art for last year’s project. A friend pointed me to and I used the free section to make this collage showing all 100 pieces. A little blurry, but they are all there. 100 days in a nutshell, so to speak. I will probably do this again in a couple weeks when this year’s project is complete.

This piece was for the last two days of 2018’s project. Part of it was day 99 and the finished piece was day 100. I just tried to tangle some each day. I tried to be realistic with my expectations. I tried to tangle 5 – 15 minutes each day. Some days were harder than others, but I figured anything was better than nothing. Overall The 100 Day Project is a great idea, a great motivator to get us into a routine of making art every day. But it is really hard to stay focused for 100 days and keep going with it. After awhile you just want your life back. Last year I specifically said I would not do this project again. That I would cheer on those who wanted to do it. This year I tried to discourage my group from participating but there were so many who wanted to that I caved. Hahahaha! And I felt obligated, like I had to participate. Next year I will try to remember that the world won’t stop turning if I don’t join in. I can just cheer from the sidelines.

I made this last year to celebrate and several members of my group Tangle All Around posted this on their pages. I will probably make one for this year as well. I am truly proud of each person working their way through this journey. It isn’t for the faint of heart. It is a huge undertaking and commitment. Kudos to those still trucking along on day #84. We are almost there. And if you are one of the ones that has given up or life has stepped in and taken over – that is ok. Be proud of what you accomplished. It is alright. I promise.

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12 thoughts on “The 100 Day Project – One Year Ago

  1. Congratulations! You do beautiful work. I do a bit of tangling but most is done through watching you create. Thanks!

    • thanks <3 and that's how I started when I was just learning - studying the artists I admired - still do

  2. Wow, I like them all, but especially the critters and the sweet little girl . Wonderful!

  3. Congrats for doing it again this year! I found my book I did last year and it was bittersweet looking through it. I missed doing it and all the tangles I learned along the way. I could not do it this year. The house cried out be painted, so maybe next year ? I look forward to seeing you collage from this year! You have done some really cool ones! Thanks for all you do in the FB group!?

    • you’re welcome, kris, it’s a journey we take together in the group. I learn so much from all of you <3 and I'm glad your house is getting painted. maybe teal or pink or purple? hahaha! <3

  4. What a fun idea to do this collage! Was not following your posts last year, so it was a real treat to see this. ?It was particularly sweet to see your TangleFolks as created by my friend Billie. She died last summer, we in her Zengals group miss her creativity, kindness and generosity, but I was so happy to see her sweet Folks are still bringing happiness! Thanks for ALL of your inspiration!!

    • I had no idea Billie had passed away. then it’s extra special that we are able to remember her through the TangleFolks. thanks for sharing. <3

  5. It is nice to commit to something like this and prove you can stick to it. Now, you need to commit to the idea that you WON’T do it again and stick to it, lol!

  6. Terrific to look back & see where you were with the project last year – I remember so well your comment that you’d not do it again then, shall I remind you when it’s time next year???

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