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Do you love washi tape? I do! Do you have a collection of rolls and rolls and rolls of the stuff? I do! Is it everywhere? In every drawer, in every basket, laying out on the desktop? Well, mine isn’t any longer. One day I’ll show you how I got all the washi under control. But that isn’t what today’s short post is about.

A couple months I did a swap in ATC Trades and Jams – the prompt was black and white. In addition to the ATCs my swap partner Christina Bacher sent me, she also sent this item. It is a playing card with five different types of washi tape wrapped around it. Pretty cool! Based on the thickness I would guess there is about one yard of each tape. And I didn’t already have any of these! So I got to thinking this was easy enough I could do it!

Of course it took me a couple months to remember. Hahaha! But when I did – I went to Walmart to look for a deck of cards. I used to have a set I thought I could sacrifice to the cause but I could not find them anywhere. And Walmart wanted $8.00 for a deck. So I waited a bit longer. And one night I started looking on Amazon for playing cards. They have every kind you can think of. And I was like oooh! Harry Potter!!! Sandy Hunter would love that! So I bought a set of Harry Potter playing cards for $5.00 and just in case someone wasn’t a Potter fan, I found a regular set of boring playing cards for $2.00.

Seriously, these are so easy to do. I made several to send to Sandy and Christine, and I made several more sets to have on hand for giveaways and swaps. As they peel off the tape and use it, a wonderful Harry Potter card will emerge. Well. If you don’t mind werewolves at least. Hahahaha!

The only problem I encountered was tape breaking. All my Jane Davenport tapes split and shred as I removed them from the rolls. They are now in the trash. I don’t have time to mess with tape that frays on the roll and won’t come off. Then the other problem I had was if I put the tape onto the cards too tightly. I worked straight from the rolls and started wrapping the tape around the card. As you turn the card to wrap the tape over the other side – hold it loosely. If you stretch the tape too tightly, it very well may tear along the edge of the card. I had this happen several times before I realized I was wrapping it too tight. Other than that this technique worked like a charm. It got to the point where I was trying to see how many different tapes I could get on one card. And they aren’t thick so they won’t add a lot to your postage bill if you mail them. Win/win all around. I get to share some lovely tapes and I get to make someone smile. Especially if they are Potterphiles.

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12 thoughts on “Share Your Love of Washi

  1. Just bought a tiny pack of tape in clearance at Joannโ€™s, it says, Made with Love. I will add to cards and art I send to others.

    • that’s what I thought, too. I was surprised I hadn’t seen this before

  2. What a lovely idea! I do have some washi tapes around that I used when I was art journaling. I’ll have to see if I can find them.

    • thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ I try really hard! and hey, I didn’t know a certain someone awesome was your daughter until night before last. I love her!!!

  3. I love this! I had told friends about it because they have quit an inventory (not quite as much as you though?

  4. I can see you had fun here – still keeping teetotal as far as washi tape is concerned except for a teeny bit on a project made at a Book Club social & that was somebody else’s supplies in another home so doesn’t count as succumbing???????????

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