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It’s a real eye-opener when you realize your child has grown into a responsible young adult. You knew it was coming, has been coming, but there is a definable moment when it hits you. Hahaha! Yep!

Kali texted me this photo early this morning. Several months ago she called – excited – and told me her karate school was making a trip to South Korea and she wanted to go. A kind of overwhelming idea actually. South Korea shares borders with North Korea. And once I got past that part, there was the cost. Not an inexpensive trip at all. With all that said – Kali put the total cost of this trip together on her own. Financial responsibility. She has it. Adulting 101.

Then there was the part about being away from work that long. Kali had all that under control, then decided to change jobs for various reasons. When she returns from Seoul she will be starting a new job. Adulting 102 and she has it under control. But. Let me explain these photos a bit. Kali ok’d for me to show you. This outfit is called a hanbok. Basically the Korean version of a kimono. Kali is traveling with a group of instructors, students and parents from her martial arts school. They rented these outfits for their first morning in Seoul. For the most part they will be wearing karate clothing – doing lots of training and demos while they travel South Korea. All these photos were taken after sleeping for 3 hours, after a 24 hour flight plan to get there from Colorado.

Kali shot this photo of the Blue House, the presidential palace located in Seoul. Every president since World War II has lived here. The current president is making plans to move out in a plan to distance himself from the previous president. You can see the Bugaksan Mountain in the background. What a beautiful location!

The team also spent some time here. After googling a bit, I believe this is the Gyeongbokgung Palace in northern Seoul. It was the main royal palace of the Joseon Dynasty. Built in 1395. Lots of fighting, destroying and rebuilding to get to the point you see in this photo. It is one of the main tourist sites in Seoul.

On the left is Master Sean, he is Kali’s instructor. I’d love to know who those rabbit fingers belong to. Hahahaha! And you can bet Master Sean would think it funny if he knew it was happening. Kali, have a super trip! Soak it all in. I am so proud of you for making this happen! What a once in a lifetime experience! You got this, baby girl!

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16 thoughts on “Seoul, South Korea

  1. Wow! So interesting to read all your/Kali’s news. It does make one very proud of our fledglings when they can achieve all this, on their own. I hope she has a wonderful time and that you can stay at peace while she is away. I love, love, love the photos, especially the ones in the traditional outfit. How wonderful that they got to do that.

    • thanks, sandra, I am so happy she got to make this trip with her friends and teammates

  2. She looks gorgeous in her hanbok. What a great memory for her to have. She sounds responsible and so grown up. I think her parents may have had a hand in that.

  3. So happy for you and her! It is so exciting for them to go! My son takes martial arts as well, and he would love a trip like this! Safe travels!

    • she has been looking forward to this for months. so glad she could go but ready for her to come home.

  4. Awesome! She seems to have it all under control!
    Wishing her all the best on her trip and all future plans!

  5. She’s becoming a very beautiful young lady. And I sense some of the same individuality of character as her Mom??

    • hahaha! if we weren’t mom and daughter we could be sisters. she is wonderful and knows exactly who she is. I love her so much

  6. your daughter is very beautiful, you have all the reasons to be proud of her. Wishing her all the best.

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