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ATC Trades and Jams on Facebook is the happening place to be when it comes to ATC swaps. This month I signed up for three swaps. Let me show you what I did for the Any Kind of Mixed Media swap.

You saw this a couple days ago as part of a gelli plate pull. It was a much larger piece. I chopped a section off and cut it down to 2.5″ x 3.5″ – the size of an ATC. Artist Trading Card. At this point alone it already had three types of media involved – a gelli plate, a stencil and pan pastels.

I got some new toys the same day and had to bring them out to play. You have seen me use Ecoline Brush Pens from Royal Talens in the past. I recently found out they also make them as a liquid watercolor.

I added a few drops and tried to push it with air. Mostly it splatted. Hahahaha! I wasn’t using a strong air source or else it would have surely worked.

So I sprayed some water. That’s basically my answer to almost everything. Add water. At least the color was moving now.

And here it is dry. Not a lot of color added but some nifty texture.

This particular set of ATCs is headed to Austria, so I brought out some real American postage stamps to add. I think these originally came from Karen Izzi and now they are headed overseas. I put clear gesso on the backside, put the stamps in place on the ATC, then covered the whole area with more clear gesso. I was careful to make sure the edges were well sealed down.

Remember this from one of the gelli plate posts? I used this for the second ATC. Just cut out a 2.5″ x 3.5″ section and went for it.

Typically I show you how I made the ATCs one at a time. A lot of the pictures this time have both in them, so I’ll walk you through in the order I made them. The little styrofoam ring came from the top of a DVD stack. I keep them for stamping. They work great. I am using Dylusions Acrylic Paint and just stamped the rings onto the ATC.

Here you can see the postage stamps once I trimmed the edges away. I show you these Dauber Duos I used next in case anyone can tell me a regular source to purchase them from. I’ve had these probably close to 15 years. I just purchased some on eBay because half my colors are dried up and unusable. I have not been able to find a store that sells these still. They are from Tsukineko.

They just make lovely texture spots. You can use them other ways but this is mostly what I do with them. Stamp them onto whatever I’m working on. I learned the hard way – they are not permanent. If you use wet product over them they activate and start moving. And that’s a good thing – if you know that ahead of time. We learn by doing.

At this point I was all about texture and layers. This cool little tool called a Sew Stamper is from We R Memory Keepers. Again I’ve had this for years. That little blue attachment has a roller inside and it is filled with ink. I have other attachment rollers – five total – and you just roll on the ink. (Sadly it appears to be a discontinued item.)

You roll on ink just like that. I added a piece of map from the Ukraine that Coleen Franks sent me several years ago. Same technique – clear gesso. And while I was at it I added another layer of gesso to the postage stamps which caused the green spots to blur and cover that lower area in green. So I stamped more on and went for it.

This was particularly fun. I was going through my drawers looking for things I could make marks with and came across this pen I got in an Art Snacks box a few years ago. Instead of making nice little dots it made little splotches. And I was like super, now what do I do with this???

I thought maybe I just needed better control, so I tried some smaller dots on the second ATC and got one big splotchy one and decided to stop. I put down some blue along the edges with this Winsor Newton watercolour marker and painted it with a water brush.

It looks a lot better with water 🙂 .

But this one still needed more layers. I have these colored acrylic papers that I already have sticker paper on the back of from a class I’ve long neglected. Hahahaha! I brought out a couple of those, punched some circles and inked their edges.

And added the circles. Now. Look at those pink splotches I had. They were still wet and I wanted them to dry. So I used my heat tool and basically melted them. Weird. They bubbled up and I thought well that’s some awesome texture and decided to melt them even more. Making even more bubbles and called it done. OK. So I was starting to love these at this point.

But they still needed more layers. More media. More texture. Washi tape!!! It is awesome and always on hand. I have probably close to 100 rolls. Yes, I know. Pathetic. But I love them so much!

And these two were close to being finished. And you already know I finish my ATCs by inking the edges. You can’t see this one really well. But it’s there.

So I brought out a couple ColorBox Dyestress Ink pads and inked the edges and scruffed some over the surface. And it’s done √

Same thing for this one. Different ink colors, same product. I love the colors on this one!

Side by side at this point, but they still need something. They don’t look complete.

Do you see what I did? Painters Opaque Paint Markers. They have them at Walmart. And they are excellent mark making tools! I have them in five colors. And I just added a bunch of dots. Then I used a white Sharpie water based paint pen to make dots and add some scribble writing to the first ATC.

And called them done. I think Christina in Austria will love these! I hope so! We have traded once before and I loved what she sent me so I tried to do an extra nice job on these.

And this one is my favorite! I wonder which one Christina will like best. Hmmm. Today I get to work on two ATCs with the theme of Letter F. Yay!!! ATC Trades and Jam is where to go if you want to get involved with some swapping. It is really fun to get art from artists around the world!

ATC Trades and Jams, Facebook

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8 thoughts on “Mixed Media ATCs

  1. I’m growing used to how loose you are with mixed media & then how precise with tangling. Then there’s always been that element of looseness with your backgrounds in the tangling…….. I can see you have enormous fun with the mixed media ATCs & I didn’t have to wait long to spot one of those gelli pulls……….

    • Haha! Thanks! And I knew you’d find the Gelli pull. These ATCs are the main reason I play with my Gelli plates.

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