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A couple days ago I declared the 26th of June to be a National Day of Art Making. I had spent ten hours editing photos the day prior and had a massive migraine when I called it a night. I figured I had earned a day of play – so I told my FB group Tangle All Around I had declared it to be so. I had a lot of people participating. Hahaha! It was epic! Let me show you just one of the things I worked on that day.

Can you just say beautiful? Well, I will! These are beautiful! I have never had gelli plate prints turn out like these before. And actually I made a project before this that led to these prints and it was then that I figured out the process and I love it! How is that for a run-on sentence?

Hahaha! I took about 20 photos of the set of twelve pages – not even kidding – and no, I won’t make you look at all of them. Just a few.

Because they are that wonderful. These are darker than I normally like to work with but the colors are just so yummy – I will make myself work with them anyway. Hahahahaha!

Ok, that’s it. Tomorrow I will walk you through step by step how I made these. I will show you a project that isn’t quite finished – I hope to finish it this afternoon. It was while making the basics of that project that I figured out how to do these. Then I was off to the races! So to speak! Now, I just have to show you these twelve one by one. The papers are 5″ x 7″ and I used a gelli plate of the same size. Sorry about a few of those little white edges. Can’t wait to play with these!

Come back tomorrow. I will walk you through all the product used – basically just three things – and I will teach you how to make these beautiful marbled gelli prints. Easy peasy! I typically use this size for cutting ATCs but I may need to do something totally different with this batch!

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11 thoughts on “Marbled Gelli Prints

  1. cant wait to see how you did them I would love to get that result

    • I was really surprised with the results, hopefully I will get this new post out for tomorrow. have to take mark’s truck to the shop today so we will see

  2. Well done – these are stunning. They look almost like fabrics. I love the way you can see the lines across them, from the brayer maybe. So much going on in them.

    I think you should work larger than ATC on these – to get more of the background in. Maybe postcard size?

    • actually, hahaha! I did some postcards last night – these are 5″ x 7″ so they are bigger. I just usually cut several ATCs from them. maybe not this batch, though, because they are too pretty to cut up

  3. All of the above, these are beautiful. Not only can I not wait to see your steps I am also looking forward to the supplies you used. I really hope I don’t feel the need for another type of paint or something! Thank you for sharing Alice.

    • hahahaha! you can use whatever paints you have. I’ve tried so many different products to gelli plate and I’ve never had any of them not work. not that I remember

  4. Hope you’ve recovered from that migraine. Looks like you had fun with that gelli plate……

    • migraine is gone, I’m trying to get our book done and it is taking forever! I work myself like a crazy lady and then realize my head hurts really bad. so I let myself play for 3 or 4 days now and I feel better <3

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