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Recently I purchased a set of Kelly Creates Aqua Brush Pens and I’m having a blast playing with them! This week I used them for Day 60 of The 100 Day Project!

You may recall this post where I started with Kelly’s brush pens and some YouTangle.art Tiles from Hahnemühle.

And you may recall this beautiful tile I made using those two products. You can read all about it right here.

For day 60, I took this tile and used my TWSBI Eco Fountain Pen and DeArtramentis Document Ink to sketch out some loosey goosey florals. A technique I learned from Joanne Sharpe.

I wanted to add a few details to the flowers. These are the supplies I needed – the Kelly Creates aqua brushes and a water brush filled with water.

I decided to start with the flower centers, so I grabbed the yellow brush pen and scribbled some color onto my craft mat.

Then I used my water brush to pick up some of the color. Just swirl the brush around using the water in the water brush to work with the yellow.

And I used that to color in the center. Yes, I could have just colored straight onto the tile with the undiluted aqua brush pen but I thought the color might be too dark, so I went with the watered down version using my mat. This also gave the color a little water – not only to soften the color – to help mix and spread the color a bit.

You can see in the flower on the far left the yellow is bleeding a bit into the petal area. Pretty cool! Not looking for perfection with loosey goosey florals! Their beauty lies in imperfection. Something we need to remember as everyday people.

I wanted to pick up some vein lines in the petals and I started with pink. Love this pretty pink!

You can see the way the water brush picks up the color a little better in this shot.

I used the pink to add in some veins and I drew a ring around the outer part of the yellow center. I also did this with the blue and purple, then I shot those centers with a spray of water to help move the color before the Kelly Creates colors dried. Once they are dry they don’t want to move very much. When the tile dried, I noticed distinct rings around the flowers – for example see the top purple one. I did not like the way that looked, so I blasted the whole tile with water and left it sitting overnight. Hoping the rings would soften and blend a bit.

And here is what I ended up with. I lost a bit of the vitality of the original tile, but I feel like I gained what I lost in the loosey gooseys. A technique to work with and experiment with. Day 60 is complete!

In case you are interested in the Kelly Creates Aqua Brush Pens, I should tell you Kelly made these pens with the calligrapher in mind. They are meant primarily to be lettering pens. I tend to use products in the ways I want to use them as opposed to how they were meant to be used. Hahahahaha! And her brush pens work very well as a watercolor and for making beautiful backgrounds! Thanks, Kelly Creates!

YouTangle.art Tiles and other Hahnemühle products with purchase links

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9 thoughts on “Loosey Gooseys

  1. Using things different than their intended purpose is so fun! Love your loosey goose flowers❣️


    • thank you 🙂 I learned this technique in joanne sharpe’s class Artfully Inspired Life and they just kind of went from there

  2. Beautiful! Thanks for showing how you did this. I love the flowers!

  3. Wonderful demonstration of ‘no mistakes’ the way you adapted & ended up with a final result. Those ‘loosey gooseys’ are so effective & their bright orange centres positively glow.

    • I love drawing the loosey goosey flowers. they are so forgiving. you just can’t do them wrong. <3

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