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ATC Trades and Jams on Facebook is doing their monthly swaps! I signed up for three this month. Today I want to show you what I did for the Letter F Swap!

So, Mark and I batted around ideas for the letter F. I kept coming up with fog but couldn’t think of anything to make with that word. Mark kept tossing out words that start with F – fly, foam, fire, floats, fruit, figs, I swear he spit out like 20 of them! But his favorite – and the one he decided on – was Farting Frogs! Hahahahahahah! And no, I did not go with that one. Hahahahahaha! But I did think about frogs for awhile. Then I decided to go with florals and flamingos. Not quite a farting frog. Hahahahahahahahaha! Florals: I have this beautiful stamp I had never used. It is about 4″ x 6″ overall and an ATC is 2.5″ x 3.5″. Close enough, right? Hahaha! I figured I could focus on the face, part of the hair, and fill the rest with flowers. I stamped out the image with my StazOn ink pad – which isn’t supposed to run or smear with Copics.

And I pulled out every Copic marker I have and got busy. Yep, that StazOn totally smeared even though I heat set the ink before I added color. So I stopped and changed over to my Pitt Pens to finish this piece. I figured I could save those roses with a little micron action.

And I was able to work a little magic with a pen and some of those Pitt Pens. Please keep in mind this is 2.5″ x 3.5″ – not the size you may be looking at on your computer. On my computer this piece is about 5″ x 7″ and you can see every imperfection. But I love it. And I christened her Floral.

Then I moved on to the flamingo ATC. I had this cute little stamp from Lindy’s Stamp Gang and this 5″ x 7″ pull from a gelli plate. I’ve been saving my last one – I love it so much!

Isn’t it wonderful? I need to make a few more with these colors.

I colored the flamingo – let’s name him Fred – with the Copics before I colored Floral. And I pulled out a few supplies to round out this ATC.

I figured this round stamp would go well inside those round areas on the gelli pull.

I used that Caribbean Dyestress Ink pad and added those little crosses. Perfection!

Love these foil stickers from Paper Wishes. They are called Dazzles. These are teal and I love how it brings a pop of awesome to that side of the ATC.

These stars are from there also. Hot Off the Press – I got them from Paper Wishes. And check out this awesome roll of flamingo washi tape! No idea where I got it – probably Michael’s.

Added more stars. Cause I could 🙂

And it was time to add Fred. I’ve talked about my sticker machine here before. I have machines in two sizes. This one is small. Only takes up to 1.5″ in width. The bigger machine takes up to about 5″ in width. Fred will fit quite nicely in the little one.

I trimmed Fred out as well as I could considering those skinny little bird legs and I stuffed him into the chute head first.

On the other side of the machine is this cutter and a little bit of paper sticking out. You just pull the paper and Fred will come out on the other side, then you just tear the paper off. Fred is laying on a piece of white backing, and is covered with a clear piece of plastic. You follow the directions – rub and peel. You rub over the flamingo with your fingers really well and then peel off the clear plastic sheet.

And then Fred was just stuck to the white backing. Like a sticker. When you peel Fred off the backing – he comes away with sticky stuff on the backside. Which makes Fred a sticker.

And you can just put Fred where you want him to stand. Boom! just that easy! And the ATC was mostly done.

I know. I have way too many ink pads. Hahahaha! I just got 8 more in the mail yesterday from Joggles. Yayayayay!!! Anyway. I used these ink pads to ink the edges.

And I finished Fred off with some micron around the stars and bordering the washi row of flamingos. Love this one so much!

And now these two are heading off to Oklahoma. I hope she loves my little Floral and Fred as much as I do.

Threw in some extras, too. Things for her to play with making other ATCs. Awesome! Now I’m waiting for ATC Trades and Jams to post the new swaps for July so I can get started on those!

ATC Trades and Jams, Facebook

12 thoughts on “Letter F ATC Swap

  1. Love these! Your work is so creative. May I respectfully submit a new name for the flamingo? Florina….just thinking, for fun. Have a nice weekend.

  2. Really pretty! Love Fred……and the farting frogs! Hahaha!

  3. Hahaha … farting frog … love it …
    And I love Fred. But most of all, your super awesome artwork gave me a whole bunch of inspirations. I need a birthday card for a special person and you gave me the answer. Thank you for sharing

  4. Absolutely love Flora and Fred! Beautifully done. All the glorious colors my my eyes happy and my heart sing! Thank you for sharing.

  5. When I first saw the post I thought it was “FACE” but like your floral idea better. Flamingo Fred really came out well with that washi border & the pink of the gelli background. Hmmm – I have in the back of my mind that Staz-on being a solvent based inked it would not work with Copics – the only safe one with Copics would be Memento, but that might be different now as it’s a while since I was stamping.

    • I’ve used StazOn for years with Copics with no problems. it’s the one they recommended when I took their certification class. I ordered a new pad. if it doesn’t work I will try the memento. thanks 🙂

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