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I have been working on a special project that I will post tomorrow. To complete the project I needed to color a few of the Bamboo Mixed Media tiles from Hahnemühle. I love them! At roughly 3″ x 4″ you can work with one in a short amount of time and have something really beautiful! I previously reviewed these tiles right here.

The bamboo tiles come in a pad of ten. Nice weight and they take color well. I brought out my six trusty bottles of Avery Elle Liquid Watercolor and got started. I began by lightly spraying the tile with water, then I added one drop of cherry and one drop of sapphire and watched the colors start moving.

When I felt they needed a little push – I sprayed another small amount of water onto the surface. This encouraged the movement and joining of color.

This IS the same tile. The only thing I did was add some of the lemon grass color in the middle. It feathered down into the blue and caused that green AND it feathered up into the cherry creating an orange and pushing what was left into more of a pink color. Awesome!

And here it is once it dried. I love it. This is 125 lb mixed media paper and sometimes you may get a little flexing when the product is super wet, but truly there is so little wet on this paper I didn’t have an issue at all.

I mentioned I have these Avery Elles in six colors. Hahahahaha! Here they all are. Just drops on the tile and they totally sit and do nothing unless you encourage movement. Lemon grass, aquamarine, fizz, cherry, sapphire and sugar plum. A confetti overload. But I seem to recall it was late at night and that could explain the overload of color. Hahahahaha!

I am going to show you a series of pictures and you can watch for yourself and see what happened as I added a little amount of water. And waited.

And here it is finally once it was dry. I am sad to report I have totally lost these first two tiles and have no idea where they went. Boooooo! I hope they turn up one day.

This one is a combination of fizz and cherry. Just two colors. When I dropped the cherry on the paper it splattered and I could not get those dots to budge at all. Freckles, I tell you my paper has freckles!

As it dried, those smaller splatters did appear to get lighter.

Or maybe not. Hahahahaha! Here it is dry. I’m totally underwhelmed with these particular colors. I know not everything can be pink, teal or purple. Right?

Speaking of teal. I used aquamarine and lemon grass on this tile. Again, just two colors and a spray of water. I love these colors together!

And it didn’t change all that much as it dried. I did manage to spill a drip of water right in the middle of the tile. Oh well, I like what it did so it can stay.

This one I love and I did not lose this one! Yayayayay!!! Two colors – sugar plum and aquamarine. When you only have six colors it is easy to figure out what you used. I did not try to manipulate this color. I just put on the color, sprayed water and sat it on my drying rack. Want to see it dry? Good, but if you don’t – then close your eyes and keep scrolling. Hahahahaha!

Here you go. Those big sections at the top and bottom are where I left the pooled up water and let it dry on its own. It pushed out color and I think it’s awesome! Side note – I am texting with one of my granddaughters in Florida as I type. She got a new laptop for school and is asking me questions about how to use it. Hahahahaha! If she only knew. But I’m trying to be a ‘cool’ grammy, so I’m googling and stuff. It’s epic.

I’ll tell you right now, this tile is having a pool party with the first two and they didn’t leave me a map. Colors – cherry and sugar plum. And I have no photo of it dry and you can’t see one because I don’t know where the tile is. >.<

This one I totally know where it is. I don’t usually lose things like this. Actually I have a spot next to my desk where I stack these – with a rubber band around them – so they shouldn’t get lost. But this one made it into tomorrow’s project and that makes me happy. Aquamarine and lemon grass again. Look at those little spotty drops in the center at the top. That happens when I spray water on the tile and it hits hard enough to ‘splash’ color away. It makes those little specks.

And when it dried it looked like this. I have no idea why it looks like there is pink or purple on this tile. But I like it. A lot. Cause remember . . . pink, teal or purple. Hahahahaha!

This photo was attached with this set of art blocks. Absolutely none of these tiles are in this picture but look at all that color! Hahahaha! Schmincke watercolors. Yep. I love them!

My little flower bed next to our front porch. The house came with these flowers. I have a totally black thumb and everything I touch dies. So the most I do with this flower bed is to stick that gazing ball in there each spring after the snow melts. Aren’t these flowers pretty?

Come back tomorrow for something special. And if you are in my FB group Tangle All Around there will be a giveaway posted Saturday morning. Need a place to tangle and hang out with like minded folks? Check it out, Tangle All Around.

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10 thoughts on “Hahnemühle Bamboo Mixed Media

  1. I think that Sugar Plum / Aquamarine tile is my favourite. But in general I love the way the colours stay so bright on the Bamboo paper, even when dry. I bought some based on an older post of yours and it’s wonderful to work with. And it has good eco standards too which is a bonus!

    BTW – I used your Line Dance tangle on a tile on my blog this week – it’s very calming to draw!

  2. Doesn’t your granddaughter know that kids are supposed to teach adults when it comes to computers and such? Hope you find your lost tiles. As someone who loses things on a regular basis – I recommend looking for something else. I never find stuff when I need it, but I always find the stuff that I needed the day before.

  3. Hmmm – I’ve lost the bookbinding twine I’m sure I put somewhere safe when we moved from Wales…………. Just about to have a look at your ‘tomorrow’ post, meanwhile I think I like the tiles where you only mixed two of the colours & they provided you with lots more. Amazed you didn’t get mud with that late night one.

    • Hahaha! I know, right? Mud for sure but it didn’t happen. So much fun!

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