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Mark and I celebrated our 36th wedding anniversary this week. Three kids between us (five counting Bobbie and Shane) and 7 grandkids make up the rest of the family. Spread from Maine to Florida and over to Colorado. With Mark needing a hip replacement and him having no health insurance (that equates big bills) we decided to keep our celebrations low key and opted for a movie and a meal. We did at least decide to go a little bigger than our local diner and yesterday morning we headed out for Bangor.

I shot these two photos at our front door as we left. Sorry about cutting off the top of the photo – I didn’t have my reading glasses on. Eek!

But this is really what I wanted to show you anyway. A little camouflaged moth. He blended in so well I almost missed him as we walked past on the way to the car.

As we drove the two hours to get to Bangor, Maine, we noticed everywhere that people are already cutting and stacking wood. Getting ready for winter and it seems the snows just melted. For those who heat with cut wood, they have to stay on top of this in order to keep their families warm all winter. It is an ongoing job and we saw piles like this and piles of stacked trees everywhere. And seriously, so many trees fall in the winter that it probably isn’t necessary to take down valid living trees to do this.

I apologize now for the reflections on the car window. They will show in many of these photos. It was a bright, beautiful sunny day and that makes getting photos as we traveled a little more challenging. I did want to show you this beautiful river. The Penobscot River. It is 109 miles long and we got to see it several times enroute to town. When the snows melt and the ice thaws out after winter, much of this green grass will be under water. But for yesterday, the water was in the limits of the river banks like it should be.

Still the Penobscot but about ten minutes further down the road. This is a really pretty crossing.

And more. It takes almost an hour from our house to get to I-95. Yes, that would be the same I-95 that we lived off of in Florida. You can travel this highway from Miami, Florida, all the way up to where we live here in Maine. It only stops because the land becomes Canada.

Almost immediately after we get on I-95 South we come across this sign. Every trip to Bangor I try to get a decent photo of the sign and it always looks like this. Hahahaha! But you can still get the idea. High hit area for moose. And I have seen a moose along I-95. Our first moose sighting in Maine was along this road. It was a baby, it stood about 4-5 feet high along its back. So cute!!!

This is the Piscataquis River. Yeah, I don’t know where they got their names up here. I am guessing Indian tribes but I don’t really know. Just look how smooth the water was!

This was the largest load of hay I have ever seen! it was amazing how many hay bales that guy was carrying!

Ok, you ready for a Maine food lesson? We had to learn it when we moved here. See all those ferns? We passed literally thousands of them yesterday. They are everywhere!!!

They start out by looking like this and are called Fiddlehead Ferns. (This photo was borrowed from google.) If you pick them when they are at this stage, they make good eating. Seriously. Who knew? Hahaha! Not in the south, but up here in the north people eat these and they are really good if made the right way. We tried them boiled first and that was disgusting. I actually had to spit out what I had in my mouth. I just couldn’t make myself swallow it. BUT if you fry them and dip them in ranch – they are wonderful! Fiddleheads! Cherryl Moote was the first person I knew to mention them. Then Margaret Bremner. So I knew if these two awesome ladies liked them they couldn’t be all bad. Grammy’s actually has some fiddlehead soup right now but I can’t make myself try it because of the color. I don’t do green soups. Unless it’s broccoli and cheese. Hahahaha!

Mark and I talked about what we wanted to do while we were in Bangor. We don’t get there often because it’s two hours away. He wanted to go to Dick’s Sporting Goods and shop fishing supplies. Enroute, I saw these cool Seussical looking plants at a stop sign but he barely slowed down and this was all the picture I got.

I chose to go to Hobby Lobby because I heard they were carrying the Brea Reese line of art supplies – yayayay!!! I had a blast! And look at those cute little rolls of duck tape. They will work so much better with my tiny treasured bits of tangles books because they are 3/4″ wide and I won’t have to trim them. That means the lines will be straight. In theory at least. Hahahaha!

We had both been wanting to see this movie, so we headed to one of the nicest theaters! They had the most comfy recliners to sit in to watch the movie. It was great! And we had popcorn and twizzlers. Threw the healthy eating right out the window! Boom!

We followed that up with a meal at Olive Garden, which really means we ate a lot of salad and breadsticks and were mostly full when our entrees arrived. Hahahahaha! But we brought them home and are having them for dinner tonight. By time we started home we were right in the middle of rush hour. Yep! This is rush hour on I-95. It is awesome living in Maine!

And we crossed more beautiful waters going home. This is the Pushaw River. Yep. Names.

Favorite bridge right here! Just outside Mattawamkeag. Hahaha! I am guessing it goes across the Mattawamkeag River. It’s a beautiful bridge and they just did some maintenance on it so it looks new.

Just as we started going over the bridge . . .

. . . and somewhere in the middle. The bridge has cross arm beams that run from top to bottom like giant Xes and I just kept clicking hoping I’d get a couple pictures with out beams showing. Hahahaha!

And further down the road is this awesome railroad trestle. It crosses over a different part of the Penobscot River. We had a great time on our day trip. A lot of laughs, a lot of smiles, a lot of food. Hahahaha! And remembrances and stories. And normally on these trips we see a lot of animals. This day we saw 2 turkeys, 1 dead bird and 1 dead porcupine. So not a stellar day for wildlife. Hahahahaha! Here’s to another 36!

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36 thoughts on “Anniversary Day Trip

    • it was different from how we normally go about things and I think we both liked this better!

  1. Happy Anniversary! Beautiful scenery, some fun shopping for both of you, too much food, what else could you ask for! ?hugs to you both❣️

  2. Glad you both had a great anniversary trip – and thank you for sharing it with us. Amazing photos – so much space, and so few people! It’s a tough place to live in the winter, but well worth it I’m sure.

    I think the Seussical flowers you saw look like Giant Aliums?

    • it is tough in winter for sure but so worth it, like you said. it is so beautiful here and there is room to spread out. not so many people and I love it! give me a sketchbook and some pens and paint and I’m good

  3. Firstly, Happy Anniversary to you both. Thank you for the wonderful trip through your part of the country. I am always interested in where other people live. I even checked out all the the rivers you mentioned, some interesting reading. Wow! what a nice little haul you got in inks etc. Looking forward to see what you do with all this. Have a wonderful day ♥

    • thanks, Yvonne! I will keep you posted on the new product I got. already playing with it. and thanks for the anniversary wishes. we both appreciate those <3

  4. Oh yes, I forgot to mention in my other comment, the Seussical looking plant is an Allium. I have a daughter-in-law that has some of these and they are beautiful but didn’t realize what an array of varieties there are until today. You should Google them. An interesting plant.

  5. Interesting! Happy Anniversary! I hope you made a wish on the load of hay. My grandmothers saying was “See a load of hay make a wish and look away.” Probably everyone’s gramma said that!?

    • hahaha! my grandma never said that. I wish she had – I would have made a wish for mark to get a new hip 😉

  6. Congratulations on 36! Thank you for sharing all the lovely pictures! I have a cousin that lives in Bangor. I believe the river names are either Indian or French. I miss Maine!

    • either one would make sense. and if you ever get up to Bangor let me know. I am 2 hours from there

  7. Happy 36th anniversary!
    Thanks for all the beautiful views of spring in
    northern Maine.
    You day sounds like a perfect way to celebrate
    your togetherness!!
    Maureen -a fan from CT.

    I love your emails and hints -and views of the
    Maine landscape in winter and summer.

    • thanks, maureen, I appreciate the well wishes and the comments about my posts. I’m glad you are here <3

  8. Happy Anniversary ! And thank you for sharing your road trip and all the beautiful pictures ! ! !

  9. Happy anniversary. Praying that all financial need is supplied for Mark and all else. ❤️

    • thank you so much! it is a bit of headache right now. hopefully it will get better


    • Pienso que es una cosa buena. aunque es difícil decir cuando puse el comentario en el traductor de google 🙂

  11. Awesome pictures, Alice! I feel like I just had a mini vacation in Maine! Happy Anniversary! Thanks for sharing your wonderful day.

  12. Happy Anniversary! ?
    Having never been to your part of the country, I enjoyed the ride along with your beautiful pics!

  13. Happy Anniversary..It seems like you had a great day!! Many more!!

    • thanks, we both had a great day! we were still tired yesterday! hahahaha! not as young as we used to be

  14. That could be a One-eyed Sphinx moth – I think I can see a bit of the eyes on the underwing, if it’s predominantly pinkish with a pale blue eye having black central & outer rings I’d guess it is as the other markings look right. Looks like you had a lovely day together & had fun shopping for your respective ‘supplies.’ Congratulations too – that’s impressive, we’ve just had our 18th.

    • happy late anniversary, Evy! I missed it! you and I have both been greatly blessed <3

  15. Happy Anniversary ! It’s not what you do but that you are together. Have you shopped around for hip replacement? Have heard that it is less expensive in the mid west. Quality of doctors is good less overhead. Suppose to be a new procedure that is a lot less invasive.
    Loved the moth photo, very cool.

    • we are checking into other options, so thank you 🙂 and we have looked into the new procedures as well. they have to determine if he is a candidate for that. thanks for the info <3

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