Marbled Postcards


Marbling on gelli plates! I am totally loving this process! I may even do some more later today! But for now – let me show you what I made yesterday. I began by bringing out this gelli plate. So, am I supposed to called these gelli plates like I always do? Or are they gel… Continue Reading

Marbled Monoprinting


Welcome back! Yesterday I showed you twelve 5″ x 7″ pieces of marbled gelli pulls. Make a beautiful gelli print pull that you love so much? You will never be able to replicate it exactly because every pull is different. That is why they call it monoprinting. One time wonders. A couple days ago I… Continue Reading

Marbled Gelli Prints


A couple days ago I declared the 26th of June to be a National Day of Art Making. I had spent ten hours editing photos the day prior and had a massive migraine when I called it a night. I figured I had earned a day of play – so I told my FB group… Continue Reading

Seoul, South Korea


It’s a real eye-opener when you realize your child has grown into a responsible young adult. You knew it was coming, has been coming, but there is a definable moment when it hits you. Hahaha! Yep! Kali texted me this photo early this morning. Several months ago she called – excited – and told me… Continue Reading

Zebra Metallic and Funwari Fude Brush Pens


Zebra Pen is rockin’ the art scene when it comes to beautiful color! Really? Yes, really! Two of their newer products are made primarily for letter artists. But – have you seen my handwriting lately? I used to have nice writing, nice lettering, until I spent 27 years writing as fast as I could to… Continue Reading

Week 12 is Now Complete


I know I just posted week 11 two days ago, I am that far behind in catching up. Hahahahaha! But, as of today I am officially up to date with The 100 Day Project. Until tomorrow. Hahahahahaha! Each day this year (most days anyway) I am using a Tile from Hahnemühle and Technical Drawing… Continue Reading

The 100 Day Project – One Year Ago


With the end of The 100 Day Project, 2019, getting closer and closer, I thought I’d pull out a post from last year. From July 11, 2018, the day I wrapped up my 100 days of tangling. It was a small celebration for sure! Hahaha! Last year I used the Baby Leda Pocket Sketchbook from… Continue Reading

Week 11 is Done √


I am closing in on the end of The 100 Day Project. Next year when my group Tangle All Around starts asking about this project, remind me that I do not want to do this again. I will support them and cheer them on, but I need to keep doing my regular routine. I am… Continue Reading

Organized Color System


I often get asked how I keep track of the product and colors I have on hand. You should see my studio! It is a small room with a never ending job of organizing and maintaining and stashing and storing. One day I’ll give you a real tour, but for today let’s talk about an… Continue Reading

Anniversary Day Trip


Mark and I celebrated our 36th wedding anniversary this week. Three kids between us (five counting Bobbie and Shane) and 7 grandkids make up the rest of the family. Spread from Maine to Florida and over to Colorado. With Mark needing a hip replacement and him having no health insurance (that equates big bills) we… Continue Reading