Week 8 is a Done Deal √


The 100 Day Project is in full swing and I am thankfully still hanging in there. Mostly. I am currently two days behind. I could count some of the color tiles I’ve been making but I really want to draw for each of the days. I am determined to do so. Let me show you week eight.

Day 50 was a fun one! I am using a YouTangle.art Tile from Hahnemühle for most days of the event. The only difference being if I create on my iPad. For color I used Ecoline Brush Pens. I love their color so much I actually have bottles of the colors arriving today courtesy of Amazon. I kept the tangles simple – rock ‘n roll diva dance and printemps. I posted this process here.

Day 51 was also fun! Hahaha! So I guess that’s a clue. If I don’t say it was fun, it probably wasn’t. Hahahaha! For color I used Tim Holtz’ Distress Ink pads. The mini ones and I just rubbed them over the tile. Tangles from the middle out: HarleeQwin, barquillos, patch and flying geese. I posted about the color process here.

I learned something new doing day 52. And I had a super time making this. The color came from using Arteza Fineliners and adding water. Who knew this would work so well! Hahaha! It was awesome! You can read about the color process here.

Day 53 was fun because I always love to draw narwal. That is the cornucopia shaped piece. Basic black tangling on white tile. I am using the Technical Drawing Pens from Zebra Pen for this entire project. Actually for most everything I draw ever.

This mandala for day 54 was built in Procreate on my iPad. I don’t know how to do much with procreate but I know how to do this. Hahahaha!

I won a giveaway! Yayayay!!! I love when I win something. And this was something particularly cool! I won a doodle journal from Color It – a coloring book company for adults. I was hoping to win their dragon coloring book – hahaha! This book is really nice and I’m going to use it for pattern reference and Getting Sketchy! work. This pattern was one of the ones I gave my FB group Tangle All Around last week. I used this for day 55.

The last one for this week was day 56. Over halfway through the project. The color for this was Brea Reese Watercolor Ink. There was some major dark purple on this tile and I thought the white gel pen would work well. And my gold pen was just laying there all alone so I picked it up, too! Hahahaha! I think it looks much like some oriental handmade paper I have on hand. This tile is going to remain one of my favorites just for that very reason. I posted the color process here.

I have so many irons in the fire. I told Mark I couldn’t do anything art related unless I could make an art post about it. Hahahaha! I am so happy I have an awesome way to document my art journey and experiments and findings with you! Thank you for being here each day – it means the world to me!

The 100 Day Project
YouTangle.art Tiles and other Hahnemühle product with purchase links
Technical Drawing Pens from Zebra Pen
Tangle All Around, FB

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14 thoughts on “Week 8 is a Done Deal √

  1. You sound like me. Everything arty thing you do has to have three different uses, lol. Love what you’re doing for these 100 Days!

  2. Thank You so much for sharing! I appreciate it so much that you put these together. I am not able to art every day and these have become my coffee in the morning! I get withdrawals when you don’t post! ( I know you are more than allowed not to, but my mommy mode kicks in….is she ok? Is Mark ok? Maybe there wss no internet!….Maybe she us having tea with her bear from the woods…hahaha)
    Either way, thank you for all you do!

    • hahahaha! I’d love to have tea with the bears if they wouldn’t eat me. they are out and about and we have at least two this year. no pictures yet but I will soon hopefully

  3. Now that final one wins hands down – what a beauty & who knew that gold would work so well over orange?? The white tangling is so effective. Brilliant you’re keeping up, you’ll not know what to do with yourself once the 100 days are over…….!!!! Have a super weekend.

    • oh, I already have a plan. it’s called 100 days of stencils. hahahaha! I was looking for a particular stencil and realized I have a bunch of stencils. so I going to use a different one every day until I have used all of them. hopefully

  4. That last one is a firm favourite for me. Sometimes the most experimental abstract ones really surprise us. I see Chinese paper lanterns and also luminescent sea creatures.

    • that’s what mark said, too! about the sea creatures. this one was fun and different. I had no idea if it would actually work, so I was pleased that it did

  5. Alice … you inspire me. Everything you create inspires me. In so many ways. Although I don’t have a blog, I do spend time creating classes, collecting photos pertinent to the class topic to entice my students to attend, creating class photo mosaics to send my students after class, collecting Zentangle-themed tidbits to email my students, etc. etc. etc. I love doing it! But it’s very time-consuming. Enjoying every single thing you post – even though I don’t always comment, is an activity I look forward to every day! I get ideas, check out the products you recommend, and just plain appreciate what you share with us. So thank you SO much for your generous offerings and all the time you spend creating them! Although we haven’t met in person, you’ve become an important part of my artistic life! xoxo

    • thank you so much, jan, that made me tear up. <3 and this is exactly why I do this. to inspire. so thank you for letting me be a part of your day and a part of your journey. it means the world to me!

  6. I agree with Kris above. Your daily posts have become a routine for me. I look forward to seeing if you’ve posted a new one each day usually while I eat my breakfast or have some morning coffee before I begin my day. I don’t get to draw everyday but your posts keep me inspired. When I do get a chance to pick up my pen and paper it is usually a prompt I remember from you that gets my creative juices flowing. Thank you for your investment of time.

    • thank you so much, sally, it’s hard to know if I’m on target with what I’m doing and your comments let me know I am. I’m glad and thankful I can be an inspiration for you <3

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