Week 7 √ The 100 Day Project


Today is day 50 of The 100 Day Project. I am caught up through yesterday – with a little assistance from my iPad for a few days – I just need to find time today to draw up a tile. I have about 20 laying on my desktop that I can choose from depending on what I want to do with color. Hahahahaha! A girl can never have too many pretty tiles!

But, enough about that. Let’s jump straight in. And from the looks of this tile for day 43 – you could fall right down into that hole created by line dance. A fun and really easy to draw tangle. Step outs are right here. I am using a YouTangle.art Tile from Hahnemühle for each day I use a real tile. Which so far is all but 4 days. And drawing is done with Technical Drawing Pens from Zebra Pen. Every day. The color on this particular tile is from Distress Oxide Sprays. There will be a post forthcoming showing how I made this particular piece of color.

Day 44 is one of my favorite tiles. This color is Daler Rowney acrylic ink and you just can’t beat these inks for beautiful color! Normally I like to tangle with an 0.1 but on this ink I had to go with a little larger nib and ended up with the 0.4. Good thing these technical drawing pens come in a range of sizes. Patterns here are golden and line dance.

These next 4 were drawn on my iPad. I’m currently working on a new book and it is taking all my time during the day. Mark and I watch TV together at night. He plays solitaire on his phone and I play puzzles and coloring pages on my iPad and we pretend like we care what is on TV. Unless it is The Voice I really do an incredible job of pretending. Hahahaha! But when it comes to The Voice I have my notebook out and I’m making predictions about who is going to win. I’ve only been wrong once since I started watching the show. But, back to art. I use Procreate and I don’t know much about how to use it except for the few things you see here. I can import in color backgrounds I’ve made previously and draw on them. This one is day 45. Tanglewise – those would be zingers around the outside and mostly I made loops and aura’ed them.

Day 46 – the color background is one I made using Mildliners from Zebra Pen on Yupo paper. I imported the background in and tangled some big mookas and tipple, then aura’ed the mooka. 5 minutes tops.

Day 47 took longer. This is a yupo background that was the cover on one of my books – Tangle Starts Strings. And you probably recognize it from right here on the website. One of the page toppers. I used shattuck and barquillos for the patterns. Unfortunately I failed to notice that I was drawing off the bottom of the artwork, so you get a little white in this piece in addition to that beautiful color.

I really like this one so much! Day 48 – I used the same Mildliner background as day 46. No idea what patterns I used or if they are recognized patterns. I just made lines and kept going.

For day 49 I went back to the YouTangle tiles – this one was colored with Avery Elle liquid watercolors. I was feeling a little brain fuzzy after editing for the book all day long, so I went with my traditional go-to printemps. And a bunch of aura lines. I’ve begun starting my tiles with my chop, my signature, and filling in the patterns all around it. Hahaha! Sometimes it is hard to find. Not so hard in this one. And just like that week 7 is done. We are now on day 50 which means half way through the project. I’ll update you again when I’ve done seven more tiles. And it may or may not be in real time. Hahahahaha! Have a great week!

Zebra Pen’s Technical Drawing Pens
YouTangle.art Tiles and other Hahnemühle products for purchase
The 100 Day Project

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9 thoughts on “Week 7 √ The 100 Day Project

  1. Now that final one is a real beauty – Alice style. Reminds me of a Wisteria floral cluster, or could be a bunch of grapes but I like the Wisteria idea better. Interesting idea starting with your chop. Shall have to investigate Procreate on the App Store. I’m assuming it’s got to be with an iOS system……. I can see a google rabbit hole looming. Had to smile about your TV evenings, unless I’m in bed with a bad head or at book club (every couple months) we listen to an audio book, or watch a weekly Christian “news” youtube video, or a DVD. If it’s a listening something I tangle or do colour swatches etc…..

  2. Do you have the app procreate on your iPad. I just got it but am having fun, playing with new tangles

    • That is what I use. I’m not real proficient with it but I’m having a good time

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