Week 5 of The 100 Day Project


Five weeks in. It is hard to keep up but I know from last year that the reward is worth it. When I finished the project last year I had such a feeling of accomplishment. I just wish I had an extra hour in each day to fit this in. Hahahahaha!

Day 29. I am working on a new book and the pattern at the top is one of the 450 tangle patterns that will be available soon. Hopefully. This is the biggest project I’ve ever worked on – apart from when I used to be employed years ago. I had one case I worked on that was every bit this large. Artwise this is the biggest undertaking I’ve been involved with. That tangle is called 4 Rosie and it’s by Melissa Sansom.

Here’s another tangle pattern for the book. Day 30. I figured out that I could use the art I’m drawing for the book and make it be my 100 day post. This one is called nin-nio and it’s from Verena Bossert.

Day 31 was drawn on a Brea Reese watercolor ink background. All these tiles are from Hahnemühle – their YouTangle.art Tiles. I’m using them for the entire project. Along with my Technical Drawing Pens from Zebra Pen. Patterns are dayz eaze, crete, arrowhead, corn rows and black tie. All mine. And they will all be in the new book. Some of them can already be found in my pattern section right here.

Day 32 was a fun one! The color is once again Brea Reese watercolor ink. The patterns are diva dance rock ‘n roll and printemps. My go-to pattern. Hahahaha!

Probably my favorite so far for the whole project. I love these vibrant colors! They are from Jane Davenport – her Inkredible Inks. If you want to try these get them from Joggles. com where they are affordable. I notice that Amazon has them for $20.00 a bottle, Joggles runs them for around $6.00 a bottle. Wow! What a difference! And they are truly wonderful and worthy of the name. I tangled up some actinar and my swing for this one. Day 33.

Day 34 is a fun layered pile of tangles. From the top down – zone, raid, Rubin, chunky monkey. The colors are Tim Holtz’ distress inks that I just scrubbed onto the tile straight from the ink pad.

And here is the last day for week 5 – day 35. The color is also Distress Inks, rubbed in circles onto the tile. Patterns are kuke, spin2, printemps, circuital and fluid. As I look at these huge on my computer screen I see a multitude of lines that don’t end up where they should. And less than perfect tangling. These tiles are 3.5″ square – not the size of my computer monitor. Hahaha! It’s a good thing tangling is such a forgiving art style. As is The 100 Day Project. Jump in and get started. It isn’t too late. And don’t worry about the first 35 days. Start now and go forward. You will be glad you did.

The 100 Day Project
YouTangle.art Tiles and other Hahnemühle products with links for purchase
Zebra Pen, Technical Drawing Pens

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12 thoughts on “Week 5 of The 100 Day Project

  1. These are all so lovely! Thank you for sharing! Beautiful colors and tangles!

    • thanks, kris, I am so glad we are friends. you make me smile each morning.

  2. Never enough hrs in a day, thinking about petitioning to add a couple. Lol

  3. Well done, still cheering you on from the sidelines. Clever thinking to use your 100 tiles in your mammoth book project – you need a cheer team for that too!

    I really love Day 31 – that sampler of your tangles. Is Black Tie the one with little black spikey bow ties on the right?

  4. That Day 29 tile I keep coming back to – beautifully elegant in its simplicity, definitely a case of Less is More that one. My other favourite is your stacked one, Day 34, if one is allowed two favourites!! There’s my liking for order & grid tangles showing through……….

    • thanks :). you are going to be seeing that day 29 appear in “the book” hahaha! at least that one part of it

    • thank you 🙂 that’s my favorite one so far! just 2 inks – they work so well!

  5. Day 33! What a fantastic tile. My favorite of the week.it has a nice underwater feel.

    • I thought so too and I wouldn’t have thought that with the tangles I used.

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