Week 4, The 100 Day Project


The 100 Day Project is almost 1/3 of the way through. Can I get a hallelujah? Hahahaha! I did the project last year and swore I’d never do it again. One hundred days is a really long time and I have a lot of things that are not getting done while I do this. My Facebook group Tangle All Around wanted to participate and since I’m the admin I don’t feel like I have much choice. So I’m giving it my all.

Day 22 was an awesome color day. I was playing with my new alcohol inks from Brea Reese. Aren’t they pretty?

This year I’m using YouTangle.art Tiles from Hahnemühle each day. Mostly each day. And I felt the call of just working in black on white. That would be Zensations Technical Drawing Pens from Zebra Pen. I’m using those every day I tangle, in addition to the tiles. I really love this pattern called my swing! It is such a forgiving tangle and looks pretty any way you draw it.

Day 24. These tiles are 3.5″ square. So you may be seeing them a lot larger than what they really are. At some point I am going to come back and color gemstones in those centers.

Day 25. The color is Opal Polish from Cosmic Shimmers. That fan pattern is just something I made up on the spot. You may be seeing it again soon, too.

Day 26 was another black and white kind of day. Bosch and CreZendo are the patterns I used. I’ve read a wonderful police book series – the detective’s name is Harry Bosch, so I had to try this pattern out for sure! We just finished watching the latest season on Amazon Prime. Hahahaha!

Day 27 – another Opal Polish tile. I used a stencil for that greenish color. And the background just seemed to call for steampunk. I would have shaded this more if it was on a white background, but I didn’t want to cover up all the pretty color. The patterns are mine: steel, roller, box, beaded pipez. The step outs are in the steampunk planner I published in December – Tangle Starts Planner, Into the Future.

And day 28. We are working on mehndi art this week in Tangle All Around. Pattern Collections’ website has a mehndi section – these patterns are so much fun to use! Four weeks has actually gone past fairly quickly. I am surprised! Hahahaha! I’ll leave some links in case you want to check out any of the things I’ve talked about here. Hope your week is going great!

The 100 Day Project
YouTangle.art Tiles and links for other Hahnemühle product
Zensations Technical Drawing Pens, Zebra Pen
Tangle All Around, FB

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12 thoughts on “Week 4, The 100 Day Project

  1. That fan pattern is particularly attractive & My Swing is becoming a very tantalising tangle as I keep seeing it – love the way your orbs are nestling in it.

    • I love drawing my swing, most of the time I don’t remember I like it so much until I’m about halfway in . hahaha!

  2. Ha – I see now the orbs are part of the pattern. It’s so effective the way the undulations & loops of My Swing are echoed (!! oops!!) in the echoism pattern infill of the grid pattern.

  3. Beautiful. I love the Bosch series. One of my favorite fictional detectives. I think Amazon is doing Bosch justice! I really enjoy your blog.

    • thanks, Beth, that Bosch series has long since been one of my favorites. when we watch the series Mark keeps asking me questions about what was in the books.

  4. I bet the gemstones will look fantastic in “swing”
    the alcohol is absolutely beautiful.
    What a great job on the tangles.
    You do such great work!

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