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A few days ago I showed you the vintage ATCs I received from Beth Broadway in our ATC swap. FB group ATC Trades and Jams is doing a great job of keeping the swapping interesting. Let me show you the two vintage ATCs I made for Beth.

Our prompt always includes making two ATCs that meet the theme, then to trade with one individual. So I like to make the two ATCs totally different. But sometimes similar. I worked on these two at the same time and though they end up looking totally different they are still very much alike. I began by pulling together the elements I wanted to use. I have these coins already punched out and in my basket where I keep all my coins’ stuff. Highly technical wordology there. Hahaha! I have a 2.5″ circle punch I bought for these coins, and I punched a coin from some watercolor paper I had on hand that I had previously colored with various inks. This particular coin was a mix of rust and orange. The little elements I wanted to add came from a really cool ATC company called Retro Cafe Art. She has a great selection – I just needed to punch them out with my 1″ punch.

This background is another coin I pre-colored and I even stamped a little word texture on one side. I loved the look of these old vintagey bird art bits!

Then I selected a color of Dyestress ink that I felt would compliment each coin, and used them to ink the edges of all the parts.

From here I will walk you through the rest of the set up for the vintage bird coin. You can see the moss ink around the edges and also scrubbed on the surfaces. Isn’t that little bird egg adorable?

I used my sticker machine to put adhesive on the back of the parts and began placing them where I wanted them to go on the coin. I liked the balance of the bird with the words along the right and just the color along the left.

This is what the pieces look like when they come out of my little Xyron sticker machine. You rub your hand across the surface, then peel away the clear top sheet. What you are left with are these three pieces as stickers. You just remove them and stick them down wherever you want them to go. Easy peasy. I’ll give you a link at the bottom of the post to show you where you can grab one of these little machines.

Adhered the round pieces and yes, they hang over the sides. Not to worry.

I trimmed the overhang with my curved scissors, then inked the edges and some of the surface with that same moss ink pad and I was done with this one.

Let’s go back to the other one. I believe this color was done with Jane Davenport’s mermaid inks. I really love the color on this one and thought Beth might like it as well.

I began by playing with placement. Deciding where I wanted things to go. And I wanted a word on this one, so maybe all the pieces wouldn’t fit. But I wanted to prepare them all just in case.

I used the cattail ink pad and inked the edges of all the elements for this coin, and scrubbed some color over the surface of the pieces. I figured that would just make them look older. More vintage-y.

Here is what the sticker sheet looks like once you remove the clear oversheet. Pretty cool! I adhered the focal piece, trimmed off the excess and made a decision which of these ladies to keep and where to put them. That one on the bottom was far and away my favorite, so I knew she was staying!

Ultimately I kept two. The third is stashed away in my coin stuff basket. Heheheh!

I found this saying mixed in with my Tim Holtz’ Small Sayings and thought it was perfect. And it was already a sticker so it just popped right down in place.

The only thing left was to ink the edges. I stayed with the same color – cattail. And I love the way it looks. The texture added by scrubbing those ink pads over the surface really makes the whole piece look ‘older’ which I thought aided the vintage idea. Beth seemed to like them. And I believe this one is my favorite. I really like how those colors flow across the coin from left – to middle with the roses – and to the right. And the browns all bring together the vintage theme. Another fun swap in the bag!

ATC Trades and Jams, FB
Xyron Sticker Machine
Dyestress Ink Pads
2/5″ circle punch for coins
Curved scissors
Tim Holtz Small Sayings

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8 thoughts on “Swapping Vintage ATCs

  1. I too like that flow of colour in the last coin from left to right through the rose. Inking all the edges – of pieces to add too – neatens & finishes in a way I cannot describe, eventually I just did that all the time when making cards. Even now when making my own tangle tiles I ’emboss’ the edges with a ball tool to neaten & smooth them after cutting. The SAME but DIFFERENT these two.

    • I do like the ‘finished’ aspect for sure. I think you and I are much alike <3

  2. I haven’t heard, but I can’t imagine her not absolutely loving them❣️They are so beautiful.

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