Spring is Finally Really Here


It’s been a long time coming. We had our first snow of the season on October 23rd and there have been times this winter when it was a bit overwhelming, but all our snow is now gone and the grass is turning green.

This was our first sign. New growth starting on the trees. Before long they will be full of leaves again. The fir trees never lost their needles, so they look like summer all year long. Except when they are covered in snow.

Mushu is happy spring is here. This shot was on May 2nd, and you still see a little snow in the background. Not now.

Larry did such a great job building these guys. I love my dragons! They came all the way to Maine inside a U-Haul truck. Our movers could neither hear nor speak, we communicated with hands and notepads. They couldn’t stop smiling when they saw the dragons. It was pretty epic!

Maleficent is happy it’s spring also. I swear she is smiling! Hahahaha! Check out those teeth! And her spikes. Awesome! The Frankles likes to sit on this dragon. I can only imagine what she is thinking about when she does.

If you have been following me you already know Mark has been having major problems. Needs a hip replacement but the doctor has been able to help for now with a steroid injection. Mark was able to go to Florida for his annual fish the Everglades trip with the boys. Uncle Mike sent me this photo – Mark was happy but I can still see pain on his face. He came home almost in worse shape than when he left. He’s much better today, though.

While Mark was gone I worked endlessly on the new book I’m putting together. It is going to be a tangle pattern reference with 450 patterns. Many of them are from members in my Facebook group Tangle All Around. I worked until 1 or 2 AM each night and managed to get all 450 step out blocks drawn while Mark was in Florida. That would be 450 times an average of 6 blocks each! That’s a whole lot! I need a new red micron!

I also found time for other things like feeding the cute little birds that come to our porch expecting to be fed. They don’t even fly away when we walk past them. I was standing about two feet away from this little guy. He wouldn’t look at me but he didn’t fly away either.

I made some yummy vegetable soup. I don’t cook very often. Mark does that or we go to Grammy’s Diner. Ground beef, a bag of frozen mixed vegetables and a jar of Ragu with mushrooms. It was wonderful.

And another sure sign that winter is gone. In Florida I had one wardrobe that I wore all year round. Here I have two wardrobes. One for winter and one for not winter. And they have to be swapped out with the seasons because my closet only holds so many things. Here I was swapping out the sweaters and tops for more summery attire.

Off the front porch. May 5th and still a little snow was hanging on in the yard. That’s gone now, too. And the grass is starting to turn green. This section takes a little longer – I think because it had such a thick layer of ice laying on it for so long.

This is one of my favorite viewing areas here. This is the deer farm. Our property backs up to theirs on the left. This field is right behind Grammy’s Diner and once Mike moves the deer back to this field we will be able to watch them while we eat. Sometimes you can see as many as 40 – 50 at once. Last year we got to watch the babies grow up – from as small as about 12 inches tall. It was pretty wonderful. No one hunts these deer. And I don’t know what their purpose is other than to make me happy. And I’m good with that. If you look closely you can even see a few of the white turbines along the top of that tree line. Windmills. They are huge!

Grass is greening up. This cemetery sits behind the little church I so often take photos of. It’s just down the road from our house.

In my last Maine post I showed you a lake that was pretty much still covered in ice. It’s one of Mark’s fishing spots and he is itching to get out on the lake. I have a few reservations about him being out there alone because of his hip, but I know that he will be. And soon. Here we were riding out to check the situation of the lake. A day or two after he got back from Florida.

And Nickerson Lake is totally iced out. Now we just need the state to put the boat ramp out and that will help immensely. Although I am sure Mark will probably be fishing this lake before that happens.

This stream is down the road a mile or two from where we live. The water is fairly high but it’s calm. When the water level is lower – like later in summer – you will be able to see rocks everywhere. Big ones. Like big enough you don’t want to hit them with a canoe big.

I shot this picture yesterday. It has been raining a lot for the past week. And apparently for the next week, too, but that’s ok. It melted our snow and now it’s watering the fields. Farmers are already turning over the land getting it ready to plant the potatoes. I love this old barn. I’ve been watching it and expecting it to fall down during the winter, but so far it’s held up for the 4 winters I’ve been watching it. Thankfully they moved the animals to another field where they are safer.

And almost overnight I have flowers popping up from the ground. Someone else planted this flower bed before we bought the house. Each spring I have the prettiest flowers blooming here!

And here is my snow gauge. All gone. And the shoot to the bear cave is open and clear. Haven’t seen a bear yet but that’s just a matter of time.

Sorry for the screen – it’s the one place I could get this picture. Sure signs that spring/summer is here. Mark is swapping out the toys. The ATV is coming out and the snow mobile is going back into the basement. Never got to use it this year because of Mark’s problems with his back, knees, and hip. But it will be ready next year. And the final sign that it’s spring . . .

. . . Mark has the boat out of the basement. Hahahaha! He couldn’t wait! Spring time in Maine! It might be hot summer where you are, but the high here today is supposed to be around 59 F and I’m good with that.

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12 thoughts on “Spring is Finally Really Here

  1. Hi I’m a follower for about two months ..love your posts! But I’m also the victim of an acute hip problem for last three years. Please encourage your Mark to have the surgery…when he wakes up the pain will be gone and he will walk again effortlessly! It is truly amazing. Should be have any questions feel free to pm me. I’m an artist and I want to do a watercolor of him on that beautiful lake! Ps love your pix.

    • Randi, we would love to go ahead and have the surgery but his insurance company has refused to pay for any of it. they haven’t paid a penny for any of this process. they say it was pre-existing even though he had never been seen for it or diagnosed before. we can not afford the surgery. plain and simple. one year and 10 months and he will be on medicare. that’s what we are shooting for. if we can hold off that long.

  2. So wonderful to have a look around. So many things that unite us – like the birds at the feeder, the green shoots, the blue skies, the welcome of spring. And plenty that differ too – but intrigue and excite me – the thought of a porch you can sit out on! Swoon. The space, the deer, the lake! Thanks for sharing.

    Glad Mark got to go on his trip too – sometimes the extra pain is worth it to dose up on the things we love!

    • that’s what he thought, too. he needed a break after this winter and he had a good time even though parts of it were rough.

  3. Nice sharing. Thank you. It’s incredibly funny that you moved from Fla to Maine. Most people do the opposite AND I believe this is the adventurous way. New England is such a beautiful state!!!.

    • hahaha! we get the craziest looks when we tell people we moved here from Florida. but it was just too hot there. I do much better up north even with the massive amounts of snow we get.

    • thank you, I am going to try to do this once a week or so. I love where we live πŸ™‚

  4. A wonderful glimpse into your Maine life – thank you, helps to imagine your situation a bit more. I can see Mark enjoys his fishing – let’s hope that can continue until the hip replacement can be done. No wonder you needed vitamin water working on those tangle patters for those hours. I reckon that bird is a Black-capped chickadee (you’ve got me identifying North American birds!! very different from the European) as he’s too far north to be a Carolina chickadee I think, though I had to google US maps.

    • hahaha! yes, we are very far north of the Carolinas. I think you are right on the bird identification. I forget from year to year and have to start over each time. I think you identified him for me last year, too πŸ™‚

  5. I’m glad your Spring has finally sprung! We kind of skipped it her altogether and everything is blooming! Greeen, green, green!

    • I’m sorry to report that it is supposed to snow tonight. For about 10 hours.

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