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A couple days ago I was showing you how the Brea Reese alcohol inks work. I showed you how it is really hard to drop just one drop on your paper and I showed you how to apply them with a blending tool. Today I want to show you one way to take advantage of that whole one drop is the same as a blob thing they have going on. Hahahaha!

Using an ATC size piece of Yupo paper, I placed a couple ‘drops’ of rose and cadmium yellow. There is much more ‘wet’ than it looks like in this photo.

So I picked up the tile and let the colors run down. Check out that one stream of red going down into the middle.

Look how big it expanded! I also turned the tile to the side and let the color on the left run across towards the right. The product worked so well like this. And it’s hard to believe I got all this color with just 3 drops.

Then I left it flat to start drying. These inks stay wet longer than the Adirondack / Ranger alcohol inks.

I couldn’t leave well enough alone and ran a line of the rose ink across that top section and let it start running down my piece of paper. Watch that run at the upper left.

As it moves down into the original red color, it starts pushing the color away and making its own path.

Isn’t this cool? And then I really did lay this aside to dry. I did. As hard as that was. Want to see what it eventually looked like once dry?

Hard to believe that’s the same piece – I thought I had my photos mixed up – but you can look at edging along the right hand side at the bottom and see that it is indeed the same piece. After it dried I dropped 2 bits of the rose color expecting it to blend. It remained in those round areas without mixing. These colors work so differently from the original Rangers, but I think I’m going to like the differences once I figure out how to work with them all.

One thing I definitely do not like . . . this is my non-stick craft mat that I have always been able to remove product from. I am not able to get this color off. I’ve had this one craft mat for probably 5 years or so and the product always comes off. Not now. So this mat has been designated my Brea Reese craft mat for all future projects. No bueno.

I had one piece of Yupo left. So I put a little bit of each of the five colors I had on hand. Just playing around. I had no idea what would happen or if I would even like it once finished.

Hahahaha! I should have known better! It’s alcohol ink! What’s not to love? Hahahahahaha!

Brea Reese Alcohol Ink
Yupo paper

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10 thoughts on “More Brea Reese Alcohol Ink Play

  1. Such gorgeousness! I love alcohol ink. 🙂 I wonder if a paper towel soaked with isopropyl alcohol would clean the color off your craft mat … ?

    • already tried that, but thanks for the idea. cause it’s a good one.

  2. Great experiment, the colors stay so vivid, and the blending is so quick. Very pretty.
    Thanks for the demo

  3. Wow, they are quite unique! Love how well they photograph the bright colors! Can’t wait to see you play more!

    • they are really bright and beautiful. now I just need to find time to play

  4. Pity about your craft mat after all that time being used. That first experiment is intriguing the way the ink won’t move once a component is dry. That red drip pushing its way through is very interesting indeed.

    • I had a few more pictures of that red drip, I didn’t show them all, it was intriguing watching it push its way through

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