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Many of you will already recognize this tangle of mine called Line Dance. I detailed the steps to this pattern in December, 2015. It came about because I was stuck. I didn’t know where to begin with my tangling for the day, so I just started drawing lines. And that is what line dance is all about.

Line dance is an easy pattern – every one can tangle this one. I promise! It is versatile. And it works everywhere – either as a focus piece all by itself, as a filler, in a border – and it looks different every time you draw it. If you need to practice your line work – line dance is an excellent way to do just that.

Begin by filling the four corners. It doesn’t matter if your lines are straight or curvy. Whether they go up or down or sideways. Just pick a corner and go for it. Draw the first line then aura it till your designated area is filled in. Then turn your tile and fill in the next corner. Keep repeating until the entire tile or section is filled in. That’s a whole lot of lines! And it is kind of crazy looking. Hahaha! Let’s see what happens when you shade line dance.

Shading brings some depth! Some dimension! And makes line dance look completely different. I am using line dance as part of The 100 Day Project I’m working on.

Here is my Day 43. I began by drawing some random blotches of printemps. Then I started in one corner and drew a big wavy line, that I auraed all the way out to the corner edge of the tile. I turned my tile and repeated.

Line dance really is that easy. Draw, aura, fill, turn and repeat. And repeat until your tile is filled with line dance. For Day 44, I began with a band of golden across the center. This gave me two distinct areas to fill with line dance. And I treated them as individuals. I did not try to carry line dance over across the entire tile – although I could have. I tangled two separate areas.

Possibly my favorite line dance piece of all time. I made this page in my art journal hours after Mark and I saw Wonder Woman. I wanted to keep my ticket and remember how much I loved the movie. I posted how I made this page here. And line dance filled in those Justice League letters in the background very well.

I’ve used line dance on an ATC many times before. It dances very well in that small amount of space.

I’ve used it on challenge tiles. I especially like this one. I think it looks like theatre curtains! Hahahaha!

And I’ve used line dance on coloring pages. That would be why this particular one isn’t shaded. I wanted to color this with pencils and shade with a color.

Same thought for this coloring page.

A really cool fun fact! Lynn Mead included line dance in her newest pack of tangle cards – Tangle Deck 3, CZT Edition. All patterns in this set were deconstructed by Certified Zentangle Teachers. And Lynn chose line dance to be included.

I am so thankful. You can read more about Tangle Deck 3 right here. And you can order the set directly from Lynn right here.

Regardless how you use line dance – whether to fill an entire tile, in a border area, in smaller sections, or as your primary focus tangle – shading really makes this pattern stand out. It brings so much depth to your art. I think you are going to have fun with line dance! I’d love to see what you create with it.

Interested in seeing more of my original tangle patterns? Just click right here and you will be taken to a page where I have several listed. Need a place to hang out and tangle? Head on over to Facebook and join us at Tangle All Around. I’ll let you in the door once you answer three simple questions. Gotta be sure you aren’t a robot. Hahaha!

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18 thoughts on “Line Dance Tangle

  1. Alice,
    This one I might not be able to mess Up!
    I love all of your work and posts! You are always so uplifting and fun! You may get me together yet! ?

    Hugs to you and Mark, hope he is doing well

  2. Congratulations, Alice, on having your tangle included in Lynn’s newest deck! I preordered it and am looking forward to getting it.

  3. Lovely tangle! It reminds me of the pattern I get when I mow! Will try playing with it later!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. What a great tangle. I think it will be one of my Mac and cheese tangles. So easy to get caught up in. Very zen.

  5. Great tangle – I wonder if I’ve ever used it – it’s familiar so maybe, but maybe not. It reminds me of a looser wavy version of Baton which is one of my go-to tangles. So I know I’ll love this and the shady potential is amazing. Thanks for the reminder – off to add it to my sketchbook so I remember!

  6. OMG …. I love it. It looks like lots of fun. I will try it right away.

    • thanks, karin, have fun, this is a tangle that looks right now matter where you start or where you stop 🙂

  7. I just keep coming back to that first tile with the Printemps blotches surrounded by Line Dance segments for it’s so full of depth & movement. Terrific that the tangle was included in the Tangle Deck – it really is such a versatile tool for practising line work. Nice to see all your examples together.

    • thank you, Evy. I appreciate all your comments on my posts. line dance is a fun tangle – I am hoping Linda farmer will pick it up for Tangle Patterns.

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