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This is going to be a picture heavy/very little words kind of post. The reason? I forgot to take pictures while I worked. Sorry.

The Distress Oxide Sprays from Tim Holtz and Ranger are a load of fun! A bunch of awesome in a bottle! You can either spray them directly onto your paper or you can play with water and make them look completely different. I made all the tiles in this post with just these four colors plus Wilted Violet. I have no idea why it isn’t in this picture. Oops!

You’ve already seen this tile in a couple posts but I’m showing it to you once more because I did the color using these oxide ink sprays. Specifically the wilted violet and picked raspberry. I sprayed the two colors directly onto my craft mat, then placed the tile down into the color. No water added. Just ink. Smooshed the tile around a little and turned it over to dry. Nothing fancier than that. I love how these oxide inks have a little chalky look to their appearance. Drawing on these presents no problems – although it looks like it should. I used YouTangle.art Tiles from Hahnemühle for each one. All tanging was done with the Technical Drawing Pens from Zebra Pen.

With what color remained on the mat, I used a second tile to swipe it all up. You don’t waste product that is already paid for. That’s my art tip for the day. Hahahaha! But true! Don’t waste.

There was still a little color on the mat, so I spritzed some water over it – that causes these little speckles. And I picked it all up with a tile.

For this one I sprayed my tile with water first, then sprayed the fossilized amber and cracked pistachio colors onto the tile. Looks awesome to me, so I just moved it to the side to dry.

For this one, I spritzed the cracked pistachio onto a dry tile – you can see I got both coverage and speckles. Cool! Then I took fossilized amber and spritzed it onto the top. Look how it appears to be a difference color from the tile before. But it is the same bottle. My guess is in the previous tile the color is diluted from the water I put on the tile first. In this photo, the color is straight up, full force color. And it is darker.

I took two tiles and a paint brush and brushed water over one-half of the tile. In that area I sprayed some of picked raspberry. Then I used the fossilized amber and sprayed it onto the other half of the tile. Where the tile was dry – I got speckles. Where the amber touched the pink and water – the colors blended and spread. Pretty awesome.

I liked it so much I tried it again, this time I used the picked raspberry and my secondary color being cracked pistachio. You know – I didn’t know how to spell that word before today. Hahahahahaha! Art is building my spelling skills. <3

By this point my craft mat was lookin quite a mess. Little bits of this color and that color. And I am always willing to try anything, so I sprayed a small amount of water onto the mat and placed a tile down into it. I didn’t move the tile around. I just placed it down and picked it up. And this is how it turned out. But – I still had one tile that I had not colored yet.

Remember I mentioned how these oxides look chalky? Here is a great example. I did not use any water on this tile. I sprayed a bunch of picked raspberry on and before it could dry I sprayed another bunch of mermaid lagoon right on top. I hadn’t used the blue yet and I wanted to see what it looked like. And I was not disappointed. Splotchy. Spotty. Chalky. Color showing through. Lovely. And I think I’m going to tangle this one today for The 100 Day Challenge. Yayayayayay!!!!! It’s day 51. We are over half way through! Thank you reading along. I said it would be picture heavy/word light. Oh well. I tried. And I’ll leave you with one last picture.

I always like showing you my fancy pants drying rack! A big sheet of card board on top of my big metal trash can. It works great! OK, now I’m gone for real. <3

YouTangle.art Tiles and other Hahnemühle product with purchase links
Technical Drawing Pens from Zebra Pen
Distress Oxide Inks Sprays

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10 thoughts on “Distress Oxide Sprays

  1. Thanks for the confirmation that the chalky finish isn’t a problem to tangle over – that would have worried me.

    Well done on reaching the half way mark – it’s down hill all the way from here!

    • hahahahaha! down hill. hahahaha! doesn’t feel like it. still feels up hill from where I am

  2. Fascinating the effect water has on Distress products isn’t it? The oxides seem more muted than the conventional inks. I love the fact that the inks are smooth for the pen afterwards so it’s easy to tangle without ruining the pen tip. Great you’ve kept up with the 100 day challenge – I know you’ve been burning the midnight oil though………..!

    • I have indeed. and I’m getting tired. and having a hard time making myself do the 100 day thing each day. but I’m trying 🙂

  3. Ohhhh all those pretty tiles of color! I just want to run out and buy the sprays and play! Too bad my bathroom is call me to paint it. Wonder if my hubby would mind if I sprayed it with this inks?! I can’t really decide what color to paint it anyways! LOL
    Thanks for sharing! Look forward to seeing them tangled!

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