Cloudy With a Chance of Rain


Rain! That’s about all it’s done lately here in Maine. Rain, rain and more rain, and oh, wait! That isn’t rain! Hahahahaha!

It’s been a week and a half since I regaled you with Maine pictures. So it’s about time to show you more. Hahahahahaha! Mark and I have been checking out a diner a little further from home. Takes us about 20 – 25 minutes to drive there, they have a different selection of items than our local Grammy’s, the prices are lower and they run special things on certain days. Tuesday is Customer Appreciation Day and you get free cake with your meal 🙂 And this chocolate cake is awesome!!! Just the right mix of sweet and chocolate and gooey. I love it! They also have lobster bisque on occasion that tastes just like the bisque I used to get in Cedar Key in Florida. Our server there sends me a FB message when they have it so I can rush right over. And this last time it was on free cake day. Winner winner chicken dinner!!!

Coming home we took the long route. And by that I mean roads that are awful in some places and even then they were better than we thought they might be at this time of year. Hahahaha! Gotta love where we live. On the way we were able to view Mount Katahdin. It was really faaaaaaar away and this is the best cell phone shot I got. Do you see the snow still on the mountain? This photo was taken May 12th.

We drove into Island Falls and turned on the road that we live on. Just a really long ways away and it’s all dirt and rock and mud holes. We weren’t actually sure we could get through but we did. I shot all these pictures with my phone out the window. This little stream was really pretty. It’s been raining for quite awhile now. Those clouds in the sky were straight up legit.

Mark found one awesome critter that I had not seen since we’ve lived here. I was zoomed in as far as I could get. Do you see the grouse? Mark had never seen one with its feathers all poked out like a turkey or a peacock. He sat really still as Mark rolled the window down and I took pictures. As soon as we turned back facing the front of the car he flew away. We are guessing there was a lady grouse somewhere behind us but we did not see her.

We cross this little bridge when we go out riding the ATV in the summer. It looks like a place Mark would like to fish but he hasn’t done this one yet. We always stop to look and he daydreams.

And not far down the road this little boat sits abandoned. It has been there the whole three years we’ve lived here. Never seen anyone around it and it never seems to move. It fills up with snow in the winter and sits dejected in the summer.

And much closer to where we live are the turbines. Probably 20 – 30 of them is a guess. I’m told they are over 350 feet tall. They are incredible to watch – especially if you are up close. Those arms are so long. I’m also told the power generated by these windmills help power the city of Boston. Isn’t this road amazing? Hahahaha! This is the road we live on!

We live down just beyond the end of this dirt road. It actually turns to pavement about 1/4 mile from our house. So we don’t live at the end of the world, it just seems like it when we want real southern BBQ and can’t find any up here.

We passed a whole lot of dead on the ride home. I expect this looks much different just in the week and a half since I took this picture.

This is Mud Pond. It probably has another name but that’s what we call it. Just down the road from us – maybe 1/2 mile. This is one of the lakes we check for ice when Mark is getting antsy to fish in the spring.

And this was the following day. All the nasty dark clouds were gone and for one day we had sun. I shot this picture from the steps of the house looking out over the side part of our yard. Those brown sticks you see in the middle, just touching the grass line – those are wild raspberry bushes. We have tons of them. They are starting to green up now and are looking much better. We also have wild strawberries that grow out near the big dragons, and we have a bunch of different types of apple trees growing wild in our woods. Some are good to eat, some not so much. But our bears love them. Hahahaha!

Somewhere down the paved road that night. I have no idea where we were but it looks like I can see laundry on the line to the far left of this photo.

We only have 5 months when we don’t have snow on the ground, so the potato farmers have to get a quick jump on the land as soon as the snow is gone. Potatoes are the big crop up here and there are a lot of potatoes fields all around us. This is a brand new field. Last year they plowed up all the grass and started turning this dirt over. What you see here are kids following the truck and wagon – – – picking up rocks. Oh my word! There are rocks everywhere here! Even fields that have been farmed for 20 – 30 years still have loads of rocks in them! It is a never ending thing. Rocks.

And then on May 14th this happened. Yes, it did. For real. Overnight while we slept.

Actually I looked out the window at 4:00 that morning and the ground was totally covered in snow. By time we actually got up it had already started melting. Thankfully. I am so over the snow for this year.

I thought this was neat, though. As the snow on the truck windshield melted – it rolled down. Like a big fat fruit roll-up.

That rain came back and stayed a few days. More like a week, but who’s counting. You can tell I shot this through the windshield of the car. Our little diner called Grammy’s. The Frankles thinks it is mine. Hahaha! Most of our friends here we met at Grammy’s. I even know everyone in the kitchen and the dish room. And all the servers of course and hostesses. The owners live a short ways down the road from us.

This potato field is on the way into Houlton. Our nearby town. This was a few days ago, I am sure they have already planted this field by now.

This stream is also on the way into town. It is the site of an annual canoe/kayak race the week after the big snows have finished melting. The river moves fast and quick and deep then. It’s pretty crazy and exciting to watch. Once things level back out again from the flooding, there are huge rocks in this stream and there is no way you could have a race then. Because someone would end up smashed and broken and hurt.

Back home. This little guy hangs by our front door. Most people don’t notice him even though he is at eye level. A nice lady in my Facebook group sent me a link to this little dragon and I bought him the same day.

My dragon hollow is getting ready. The grass is getting green. And the ground is drying up. It’s almost time to bring the babies out of the basement and put them back with the big ones. I have a sitting area where I can draw. I have my favorite rock that reminds me of Newfoundland where I grew up. And I will have a gazing ball and the two babies here soon.

Mushu surrounded by the rocks that line the hollow area. Mushu doesn’t get a baby dragon. Hahaha! He gets a gazing ball that will sit on that rocky area near his front legs.

Maleficent has her hands full battling Prince Charming (did you watch Once Upon a Time?) and she will soon have Lily standing near her to help her out. My daughter and I are huge fans of the TV series Once Upon a Time and all the dragons have some connection with that show. I even have an Entering Storybrooke sign as you come in the driveway. The second baby dragon will sit over by my drawing bench.

One last shot. On that same sunny day, Mark went fishing at Nickerson Pond (Lake?) and caught his first lake trout. He was super stoked! We sent this photo to his fishing buddies in Florida. And today? Yep, it’s raining again. But at least it isn’t snow. Hahahahahaha!

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12 thoughts on “Cloudy With a Chance of Rain

  1. Oh thank you for the pictures and update! So glad you are out of snow season and can see better weather in the future! Congrats on the fish to your hubby!
    ps- the cake looked yummy! Loved those dinners in Maine!

    • hahahaha! this post was really all about the cake! the rest was just fluff. hahahahahaha!

  2. I love, love, love your dragons. And that one picture with the clouds (that after the yummy cake) is awesome. Oh I love watching clouds!!!! You truely live at an awesome place … nature pure!

    • it is nature pure for sure! I love it here so much! mark is an outdoors person but in Florida I couldn’t do the heat and humidity so my outdoors time was very limited. whole different story here and I love it!

  3. It doesn’t seem like you have been living here for 3 years! Wow. How time does fly!
    We have those windmills here, too. I always feel like I am in a science fiction movie when I drive by them. They sound weird, too. Hope summer gets there for you quickly. Lovely pictures. Thanks for sharing!

    • hahaha! science fiction for sure, but aren’t they cool! I love watching them. and thanks, I hope people will enjoy the photos. this all seems so new to me still

  4. Lovely post ! I was reminded of my Gramma’s farm and “rock picking”.

    • hahaha! yep! it’s a thing! we can’t get over the massive number of rocks up here. I would think they have to be really hard on the farm equipment!

  5. Oregon is notorious for rain and we’ve been getting lots of it, with an occasional beautiful day of sunshine. But here right now it is green, green, green. Everything is growing – trees are full, rhododendrons blooming everywhere. And we get next to no snow. Lots of taxes though.

  6. Devon is pretty wet (but not as wet as Wales) but we rarely get snow. That road is very very L O N G – no wonder you’re hungry when you get to the diner. Now that’s my kind of chocolate cake!! Amazing scenery & very very different, the long roads remind me of Sweden & driving with forests on either side.

    • I think this area must be very like parts of Sweden. I’m glad I can remind you of those days

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