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Ooh! Isn’t that pretty? Lately you have seen me playing with Brea Reese’s alcohol inks. And I liked them so much I ordered a few bottles of her watercolor inks to try out. I ordered four colors and those are what you will see in these three tiles. And for whatever reason Amazon sent them in four separate boxes. Hahahaha!

This shot will give you an idea of the size. I am using the Tiles from Hahnemühle. That tin is roughly 3.5″ square. The colors I went with are ocean green, pink, orange and violet. They went all out on naming these things. Hahaha! And even though it looks like there is a noticeable difference between the orange and the pink – and there should be – I really had a hard time once the color was on the tiles remembering which was which. In my swatch book the two colors look identical except the orange has a little sparkle in it.

So they come like inks in a bottle. Not like watercolors in a tube or in a pan. I started by dropping a few drops of the pink – yes, you read the correctly – and the purple on the tile and let them blend a bit.

Then I sprayed a little water on the tile because I thought the purple was too dark and I hoped to lighten it up some. The water helped with that and it also helped the colors to move a bit more. So I set that tile aside to dry and moved on. I didn’t really like how you can see exactly where I dropped the color – those big dots of violet and “pink” and I was hoping they would soften as they dried. They did not.

I dropped some ocean green on my craft mat and sprayed some water over it. Remember in the first tile I worked straight on the tile itself. Here I wanted to try for a softer technique and worked on the mat first. And there was still a little of that pink because I didn’t clear the mat off first.

Tipped my tile down into the color and tapped it down.

And this was all the color it picked up. A little purple still hanging in there from run-off with the first tile. And I still can not believe that is pink and not orange. In the bottle it looks pinkish red. Weird.

I sprayed the tile with water and dropped in some purple and a bit of more of that pink. The added water let the ocean green move and soften up. These tiles are fairly absorbent and soak up the color. They always dry nice and flat and that puffiness settles down and you do not have any of that once the tile is dry. I will show you in a minute. I set this tile aside to dry.

I still had this much mixed color on my craft mat.

So the obvious thing to do was to slap another tile down into the color. Hahahahahahah! Yep!

I liked it but I wanted the color to spread some so I lightly misted it with water.

And added some drops of ocean green and orange on the mat.

And turned my tile over into the color. Strange. It has ocean green, orange AND pink on it. I see one area where there is a little pale pink. Let me show you something.

This is my color swatch book. My place to keep all the colors I have so I don’t double purchase. Unless it’s Opera Pink and that’s ok. This dot. It just sat there. It didn’t move. at. all. I had to use a brush to spread it out in the square.

And here are the swatches of my four colors. Hahahaha! Crazy! So. The tiles were drying. And now they are finished. Let’s look!

Here is the first one I showed you. After the tile dried I can see a bit of pink. Remember the only colors I used on this one was violet and pink. So I was surprised to see bits of pink and orange and even a little yellow in places.

This is the second one I showed you. This one had ocean green, violet and pink. The colors softened up so much and I think it is because of the absorbent nature of the tiles. I really like the colors!

And this last tile was a combination of what was left on my mat and a little added ocean green and orange. I really like this one a lot! In fact, I think I have already tangled it as part of The 100 Day Project!

Overall I like the Brea Reese watercolor inks even though the colors – specifically the pink – are not true. As long as I play with them first and color swatch them I will have a more realistic expectation of what they will do when I use them. The Tiles? What can I say. I just really like them a whole lot! And use them every single day pretty much!

Brea Reese Watercolor Inks Tiles and most things Hahnemühle and where to get them

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10 thoughts on “Brea Reese Watercolor Ink

  1. I’ve found that the Brea Reese line has a little trouble with colors. The Gold watercolor ink I got was more green and the grey was brown. My pink looked red when it was wet but did pale to a pink though.

  2. I love the combination of pink and orange!!!! It looks fantastic and surely is fun working with it.

    • thanks, karin, these were fun! I think I may buy a couple more colors

  3. Interesting experiments. I’m resisting buying any watercolour inks as yet, as I prefer more control over my colour – contradictory perhaps! But I do quite like the ‘drops’ of colour look – so I might play about and try to rig something similar with watercolour from brush pens or pencils or pans. The Hahnemühle tiles will be a great place to try that is it will be a gentle way of giving them colour!

    • it is for sure. these tiles are great – they do accept color a little differently than regular watercolor or mixed media paper.

  4. Very strange colour behaviour, not to mention Amazon behaviour with the packing. I too like that second tile with the green in it – the softness is very appealing.

  5. The not expected green is coming from the colour chromatography. Purple apparently is a mixture of different colours which all have a different reach in a wet tile 😉 says the physicist in me 😉

    • 🙂 sounds reasonable to me. I didn’t know you were a physicist! that’s pretty cool! <3

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