4 Corner Swap


4 corner swap. Sounds like a game we used to play in youth group where someone would yell a number for a corner and everyone ran there. I don’t remember how you got ‘out’ or what the point of the game was. Other than to run and have fun. Hahahaha! With this 4 corner swap I didn’t do any running but I had fun all the same.

CZT Karen Izzi runs a Facebook page called Philly Area Zentangle. Recently Karen invited tanglers to participate in a 4 Corner Swap event where we tangled four separate tiles. Karen gave us basic instructions – like the tangling had to be all black and white – no color, each tile had to be different and the design had to be circular. Above are the four tiles I tangled and mailed off to Karen.

Once Karen received all the sets of tiles, she broke them down into groupings to mail back out. This is the set I got back – they arrived yesterday and I was really excited to check out each person’s artwork. We got one of our own tiles back, plus tiles from three other artists. Upper left tile was tangled by Canadian artist Deb Bowyer. The patterns she used are chartz, diva dance and echoism. Upper right was done by Danielle DeRome. Her tangles are shell, tipple, poke root and shattuck. Lower left was tangled by CZT Lisa Anderson. Tangles are scape, buttercup, n’zeppel and diva dance rock ‘n roll. The lower right tile was one of mine – my tangles are got stars, coral and around2it. I am very happy with my 4 corner swap set. These look wonderful in a frame and up on a wall. Just in case you wondered.

If you are interested in projects like this one you can visit Philly Area Zentangle. Karen has done this project before and likely will again.

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8 thoughts on “4 Corner Swap

    • I did! I was so happy when I opened the envelope. I had no idea what was inside

  1. Fascinating when you see them all together isn’t it? And how there is such an individuality of style in each.

    • I know. I’m always amazed. I think this is the third of fourth time I’ve swapped

    • it was fun and the best part is when your receive your package in the mail

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