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Hahnemühle has some really incredible paper products for literally any type of art you can name. Any kind at all. Go ahead – name some! Hahaha! No, don’t because I can’t actually hear you but I’m telling you if you can create it they have the perfect product for you. They do! Today I want to talk with you about their Tiles. Most of you already know I am primarily a tangle artist. That would be all those little squiggles and lines and curls that turn into something wonderful – hopefully. Hahaha! That is tangle art. Here. Let me show you a few.

Wow! That’s a whole pile! Those are the tiles I made during Inktober this past year. Every day I spent some time working on a Tile. Hahnemühle’s description on their website says they are suitable for fine liners, pencils. I have to tell you I took that as a complete challenge. Hahahahaha! I did! I’ve used ink, acrylics, watercolors, distress inks, oxide inks, various ink pads, gouache, daubers, gel pens, alcohol markers, regular markers, Sharpies, Tombows, Twinkling H2O’s, highlighters and every kind of pen and pencil you can think of. I’ve tried it all and had excellent results. I’ve never thrown a tile away because it fell apart due to overuse of product. And they come in a collectible tin featuring the Hahnemühle rooster logo which makes them even more popular.

I review product for Hahnemühle and work with a wonderful woman named Carol Boss. Carol is a Marketing Services Manager here in the United States. She supplies me with product I can use for my art style and I give you an honest opinion right here and show you actual completed projects. Carol also gives me product to share in giveaways with like minded artists that will put the product through its paces. That is what this post is all about. Let’s jump right in!

Artwork by Christine Reyes. All her black and white tiles were tangled with a Micron 01, Micron PN and Micron Graphic 1.

Christine Reyes is a Certified Zentangle Teacher living and teaching in Pennsylvania. She is a dear friend who helps me admin our Facebook group Tangle All Around. I asked Christine for her thoughts on the Tiles. This is what she wants to share with you:

I’ve been using the Hahnemühle tiles since I first learned about them. Being used to using traditional Zentangle tiles, I wasn’t sure how well I would like them. Turns out I LOVE them. They have a smooth consistent quality that makes it a joy to work with. I have used them with Tombow marker, spray paints, inks, watercolor, and really wet ink. They have held up with everything I’ve used on them. I love that they come in the cute tins that are easy to throw in a purse or tote bag. I have one set of tiles in my pencil/pen case, and another that is in my car in case I need some art time. I’m not going to say that I don’t occasionally use the traditional Zentangle tiles, but I will say that I most often reach for the Hahnemühle because they are easy to grab and are high quality material. I may have to admit to being addicted to them.  Christine Reyes

Artwork by Christine Reyes. Tile on the left was tangled using Zebra Calligraphy Pens.
Artwork by Christine Reyes. She used Cosmic Shimmer Watercolor Paint on the right tile.
Artwork by Christine Reyes. The framed border on the left was done with Tombow Brush Pens. The highlights were created with a white General’s chalk pencil. The tile on the right was colored using watercolor paint.

Artwork by Christine Reyes. Color on the tile to the right was made with Dylusions Shimmer Sprays.
You can see more of Christine’s work at Tangle4Zen.

Karin Conklin is a tangle artist living in Germany. She creates beautiful organic tangles filled with movement and flowing designs. I love her work! Karin has this to say about the Tiles:

Hahnemühle zentangle tiles are high quality. The paper is smooth and that is important for me. Using watercolors, colored pencils or markers is not a problem on those tiles. And the tin box is great for the transport in the infinite depth of my bag.
Karin Conklin

Artwork by Karin Conklin. This tile was designed using watercolor and a gold gel pen. 
Artwork by Karin Conklin. Color is from a watercolor wash with the tile dipped into the wash.

Artwork by Karin Conklin. All tangling and the black background was done with gel pens. 

Artwork by Karin Conklin with typical tangling pens.

Roo Black is a tangle artist living in Tennessee. She won Ties in one of my online giveaways. Here are her thoughts after she used a few of the tiles:

I love everything about these tiles! The size is perfect for tangling, and the paper is really smooth. Also love the cute tin that they come in! 
Roo Black

Artwork by Roo Black done with typical tangling pens and graphite.

Jem Miller is a tangle artist living in West Sussex in the United Kingdom. She is relatively new to Tiles but already has this to say about them:

My initial thoughts included questioning why the tin only suggests they be used for pen and pencil when others seem to use them successfully with wet media? So I dove straight in with my first tile, going at it with plenty of water and colour and blending as I normally would. Almost immediately the tile starts to pill, and feels dangerously close to becoming porridge! I back away, let it dry, flip it over and use the other side, determined not to waste it. I swiped my tile with two colours of Distress Ink and blended them very gently. A day later I began my tangling, and from here on things went much better. My 0.1 pen moved beautifully across the surface, and in areas with lots of black ink there was no visible damage to the tile. Shading was equally enjoyable. The key with this tile is that the surface is smooth, but not slippery. Smooth enough to allow for the pen to glide but not slide, smooth enough for the graphite to stick but still allowing it to be blended. Where I blended close to areas of thick ink there was no damage to the paper surface – an irritation with some papers. I can see why these tiles are tailor-made for dry use, and a little moisture from a ink pad presents no problems at all. But I’m determined to revisit their use with wet colour – I just need to make sure that I don’t touch it once it’s on the tile!
Jem Miller

Artwork by Jem Miller. Color is from Distress Ink pads swiped across the surface of the tile. 

Donald Wilka is a Certified Zentangle Teacher residing and teaching in the state of Indiana. He also won some of the Tiles in one of my giveaways. Here are Donald’s thoughts:

Pen glides pretty smoothly on these tiles and the ink dries quickly. Does not have as much tooth as the Fabriano Tiepolo tiles. Took a little getting used to.
Donald Wilka

Artwork by Donald Wilka.
Artwork by Donald Wilka.

Jules Mack is a tangle artist living in Arizona. She admins a fun Facebook group called EnTANGLEment where she talks about supplies and has raffles and lots of incredibly fun art! There isn’t an art technique she won’t try. Jules has been working with the Tiles and offered these observations:

LOVE the Tins! Nice thickness & weight with a smooth matte finish. Held up nicely using the shaving cream colouring technique without grabbing too much color. Warped a bit with wet media, nice color grab though. Just enough tooth to keep them from being too smooth and slippery for pens. Overall A+
Jules Mack

Let’s look at some of Jules’ art.

Artwork by Jules Mack. These tiles were made using a shaving cream technique and Graphix Watercolor Inks.
Artwork by Jules Mack. Dylusions Shimmer Spray Inks and water.
Artwork by Jules Mack. Pens and graphite shading on left, then a nice lay down of colored pencil on the right.

Overall those who use the Tiles are thrilled with them. They are not specifically made for using wet media, but as you can see from these photos and testimonials the tiles hold up very well. I just have to leave you with a few of my own tiles I colored and tangled.

Ranger Distress Ink pads scrubbed across the surface in circular motions.

Color came from using Tombow Brush Pens to make a watercolor wash.
Distress Ink pads used to make a watercolor wash.
Distress Oxide Ink scrubbed across tile surface.

Daler Rowney Acrylic Ink used like a watercolor wash.

Acrylic paint applied with a brayer.
Daler Rowney Acrylic Ink used like a watercolor wash, highlights and tangling are gel pens and chalk pencil. 

The Tiles have taken every media I’ve thrown at them. Like a champ. But you don’t have to just take my word for it. You also have the words of Christine, Karin, Roo, Jem, Donald and Jules. If you are interested in purchasing some Tiles to try for yourself, here is a link for tiles and many other Hahnemühle products. If you need a tangle place to hang out and learn or advance your skills, I’d love for you to visit Tangle All Around. And just a heads – up! I will be giving away five of these tins this weekend (April 20 – 21, 2019) in Tangle All Around.

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18 thoughts on “ Tile Reviewed by Actual Users

  1. Wow! Beautifully tangled tiles and very pretty backgrounds. Love them all❣️

    • everyone’s techniques are so different yet they all yield wonderful results

  2. Great idea for a post Alice! I’ll have to talk to Carol about doing this for other papers. I loved seeing other people’s art. YAY. good job!

  3. Fascinating post – I have a tin which I won but have yet to break into & start using – tangling time is haphazard still…. & there are a few projects that have priority. Your Distress Oxide tile is a beauty & I’m rather fond of the green one above too. Thanks for showing other artists – it’s useful to see how different people respond after working on the same tiles, some people may use the same product but use a very different technique & also may have a lighter or heavier hand.

    • absolutely, and I thought it would be nice for Hahnemühle to see that people are not just winning giveaways BUT are also using and loving the product

      • Now I will have to make testing that tin & the fineliners out a priority………….. I did laugh for I was totally surprised when that happened.

        • hahaha! that’s awesome! I was so glad pulled your number 🙂 it’s been a fun weekend

  4. I love that stack of your tiles at the beginning of the post! There’s something so satisfying about such a heap of creativity. Love that pink tile – 6 up from the end – can’t resist a strong diagonal!

    Lovely to see the work others have been doing on these little tiles too. Thanks for introducing me to them! I shall be diving in, gently, with more wet colour very soon!

    • hahaha! I love your review! honest and you remedied the issue by yourself. let me know how it goes – I am a fan of your work!

  5. Some amazing art on some beaitiful paper…some day I will win a tin in one of the giveaways…?

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