Week Three is Done √


The 100 Day Project. I can’t believe it’s already three weeks in. So many members of my Facebook group Tangle All Around are participating and posting beautiful art every day. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time to be involved. Five to fifteen minutes a day is plenty. A lot of people are drawing one tangle pattern a day. It helps them learn a new pattern, develop their skill, increase their tanglebilities, and gives them a way to participate. Let me show you my week three.

Pretty sure day 15 is my favorite. I am using Hahnemühle‘s YouTangle.art Tiles for most every day of the project. Those colors are Dina Wakley Acrylic Paints that I just rolled on with a brayer. 30 seconds tops. Then I used my Zebra Technical Drawing Pens and tangled up some printemps (but of course!) and some Arkand – which was a new pattern for me. I love it! So much fun!

Day 16 was super fun. I got to try out some new Metallic Brush Pens from Zebra Pen. Watch for a full product review coming on those pens real soon. The black was Technical Drawing Pen. Printemps were an easy pattern to try the brush pens on.

For day 17 I combined the Hahenmühle tiles with some Marabu Art Spray. And the tiles loved the color! All tangling and shading was done with Zebra product – technical drawing pen and their mechanical pencils.

Day 18 was a grab-a-pen-and-tangle-steampunk kind of day. That background is my tangle blox, other than that I just went with gears and screws.

For day 19 I used a YouTangle.art Tile and tried out the new Cosmic Shimmer Opal Polish I got in the mail that day. So much fun!!!! No tangling, just color fun!

Day 20 is actually in my Black Book (Hahnemühle) and the same opal polish, just on black paper. The color looks completely different.

And day 21 finishes out the week. Two opal polish colors in the background, then a third one through a stencil. I used the Zebra Technical Drawing Pens and mechanical pencil for tangles and shading. I’m starting to fall a bit behind now with the project, but will continue to do what I can. Have a great week! Leaving you with a couple links.

Tangle All Around
The 100 Day Project
YouTangle.art Tiles and other Hahnemühle product with purchase info
Zebra Pens

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4 thoughts on “Week Three is Done √

  1. That Arkand tangle coupled with your signature Printemps has to be my favourite. Your steampunk one is pretty interesting & I such a helpful demonstration of the dynamism created when work is spontaneous.

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