Week 2 of The 100 Day Project


The second week of The 100 Day Project is a done deal and it’s time to move on to week number three. I have plenty of ideas running through my brain, including the fact that I have some new watercolor inks showing up in the mail today. Yayayayayayyyyy!!!!! But. Week number two – here you go.

Day #8 was the only traditional tangled tile I’ve done so far. All of these are on YouTangle.art Tiles from Hahnemühle – the perfect tile for tangling! And I am using Technical Drawing Pens from Zebra Pen for all the tangling. All 100 days hopefully! This is my own pattern I named TootsieMoon because it looks like little tootsie rolls and a mixture of the crescent moon tangle.

Day #9 is a cornucopia narwal full of tangle patterns! I used LolliZ Gel Pens for color – they are quick to grab and color in. I was trying to hold this to 15 minutes. And I was pretty close to that time limit.

I have two images for day #10. I was working on a different project using a brayer and rolling on colors. I used this tile for clean up work – cleaning off my roller. I knew I would need a bunch of tiles to complete this project and this was an easy way to make some nice colors to tangle on.

The straight brayer lines made a perfect place to set up a grid pattern. I am calling this one bunny trax for the obvious reason. Hahahahaha! By going with an open tangle you can still see the pretty colors. Totally an accident and that is usually how the best patterns come about anyway. Those flowery things are diva dance rock ‘n roll. These Zebra technical pens work so well on the Hahnemühle tiles! Great product pairing!

Day #11 was a time to just play with some lines. The tile was pre-colored with FolkArt cheapo craft paint from Walmart – 50 cents a bottle. The yellow and green spots are Hero Arts Daubers. For the project I added some printemps first, then some long flowing lines that I connected with more lines. No name for this yet, I guess I’ll work on that after bunny trax gets down on step out paper.

Day #12 – the color is from Daler Rowney Acrylic Inks that I spread on my craft mat, then just plopped the tile right down into the color. This was either the third or fourth tile lifted with that initial drop of color. Each tile was progressively lighter in color. And again I used the flow-y pattern because it is fun and easy.

Day #13 – the color is Dina Wakley Acrylic Paint. Rolled on with a brayer – it’s fun and relaxing to make color this way and it is never replicated because it looks different each time. That tangle across the middle is named wrapper – remember the gum wrapper chains we used to make as kids? That is where the name came from.

And here is day #14. I explained this one in yesterday’s post – I used a technique called tranzending to complete this tile. Surely my least favorite of all 14 tiles so far, but it’s done. Yep. Cause there is one hundred days, kiddos, and we don’t have time to play favorites. Just draw today’s and keep moving. No looking back.

Need more info on The 100 Day Project? Just click those pink words. YouTangle.art Tiles and many other Hahnemühle products can be found right here, or by clicking the pink words. The Zebra Technical Drawing Pens can be found here. If you are new to my place, pink = link. Anywhere you see pink, a simple click will take you somewhere marvelous. Just be sure to come back <3 And that completes my parade of week number two. Thanks for looking – cause you are the reason I do all this. <3

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12 thoughts on “Week 2 of The 100 Day Project

    • Auto correct is not always my friend!
      Between that and and my “fat” fingers, my name comes up as Phillis, or in this case Oillis. ??
      Thank you for all you do!

    • thanks, sandra, I appreciate it. I think today I am just going to color some tiles and get ready for the next go round. <3

  1. Beautiful Alice! I am so glad I know you and got hooked on this! I just can’t imagine how busy you are. Thank you for sharing everything. I hope Mark is doing well!

    • We love you, Gayle, you helped us when we needed help. I am glad you found this art, too! It’s fun having you in my group. You make me smile ?

  2. Have to say that Bunny Trax intrigues me & I do love that flowy wavy pattern so look forward to seeing the step-outs when you find some time to do them. The Cornucopia narwhal is great fun.

    • I’m thinking the flowy one will be in the Christian planner I’m going to work on 🙂 probably not bunny trax but you never know. it will show up somewhere. and thanks, that narwal was fun indeed

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