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Thank you for all the prayers and messages and well wishes. We were able to visit with the Orthopedic doctor today and now have a plan for Mark’s pain. She said his hip is as bad as it could possibly be and he would definitely need a replacement but she did not believe we needed to do it right away. Our goal is to wait until he is on medicare in two years. For now she has put him on a medication to help with swelling in the hip capsule and he will be getting a steroid injection on Monday. She is hopeful this will give Mark immediate relief and between that and some other options, we will be able to put surgery off for awhile. That was such great news, we both feel like a huge weight has been lifted from our shoulders. We were both pretty much in tears, just so thankful to have someone listen to us, understand and have a solution. Thank you again to my faithful prayer warriors, you are all so appreciated and loved!

23 thoughts on “Update on Mark

  1. I am so glad to hear that there is now a plan in place for John. I will continue to keep you both in my prayers and hope that the injections and other plans work until you are able to get your Medicare. Love and prayers to you both!

    • thank you so much, Leslie, your prayers are important to us. we don’t take them lightly.

  2. That’s wonderful to hear – I’m so pleased you had a supportive consultation and have a more manageable plan ahead of you. Ongoing pain can be so draining, so here’s hoping those treatments help Mark quickly.

    We have a lot of problems with our healthcare system in the UK, but whenever I read about people in the US having to factor in insurance / economics I’m reminded of how lucky we are here.

    Take care of yourself and Mark and thanks for letting us know how you’re doing, and still managing to post about art despite everything that’s going on for you!

    • jem, it’s been a long battle trying to find someone who would take us seriously. if we were still living down south it wouldn’t have been a problem, but we are still trying to establish ourselves with new doctors up here in the north. no one would listen – until yesterday. thank you for being here. I appreciate you so much

  3. It is like a gift from the Gods when you find a doctor who listens who cares and has the empathy to help you find the right answers. Good luck to you both Prayers for healing

    • it is for sure, Elaine, we were a bit overwhelmed with relief and gratitude – the doctor probably thought we were nuts we kept telling her thank you over and over

  4. Good news, Alice! I hope this plan works as hoped and that Mark’s pain decreases immediately. I am thinking of you both as you move forward.

    • thank you, Stephanie, I am so blessed to have so many wonderful people praying us through – thank you

  5. My thoughts were on you both yesterday. So glad the plan is a workable one. ♥️

    • thank you so much, it is a great relief for us. thank you for remembering us

  6. Thank God, good news❣❣❣❣ The most important is that he gets relief of the pain. And then … one step at time … two years are not so far away. You will be in my prayers.

    • Karin, I appreciate your prayers so much. I know that God hears them and it is apparent that He is answering. love you!

  7. Just so so pleased that you have something to work with that’s constructive & that you finally have a proper diagnosis so you know what you’re dealing with. Take care of yourselves. Prayer continues, I often can’t remember what it is I’ve prayed but I do think it involved pain control so find my own faith strengthened through being able to pray for you & Mark.

    • thanks, evy, your prayers and love mean so much to me <3 I spend much time in prayer for you and you hubby as well.

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