Spring? Wherefore art thou?


Northern Maine, April , 2019. Almost Easter and it is still snowing. The weather forecasters last night said this is the 4th highest number of inches of snow since the reporting of those matters started for our area. They expect to break into the next rank by this weekend and we will hit the third highest amount of snow in recorded history here. Joy. And we are still pumping out our basement around the clock.

By time this post goes live it will be a couple days since this actually occurred. Yesterday, Mark and I headed into Bangor to meet with the neurosurgeon. And we were met with snow the entire trip. It started off slow like this. It had been snowing for awhile already and roads that had previously been clear started to show snow accumulation.

As we got closer to town, the flakes got larger and it was snowing harder and faster.

In total our area got about seven inches. I think this is the Penobscott River. A week or so ago it would have been totally covered in ice. Here you can see the ice breaking down into sections and whole areas of the river open.

This shot was on our way home. By then the snow had stopped, although it has since started again. I love taking photos of barns in the snow. And honestly I was so tired yesterday that I don’t even remember where this is. But isn’t it cool looking almost buried in snow. As long as you don’t actually live and work there. Hahahahaha!

And then we have today. The day after the other photos. I took this picture from inside the car. That is the road going to our house. The wind was blowing like crazy with 40 mile an hour gusts. I was so glad to get back home and inside. Still more snow to come this weekend. Spring? Wherefore art thou? Cause I seriously miss you!

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14 thoughts on “Spring? Wherefore art thou?

  1. Not sure I could deal with so much winter and snow. We humans need the daffodils and the tulips about now. Hope Mark is doing well and there is a solution in sight. Best wishes to you both

    • thanks, Elaine, I could use a daffodil or two right now. guess I’ll need to draw some today <3

    • hahaha! I do, too, but we’ve gotten close to 170 inches this year. and no, that is not a typo. it’s time for spring

    • hahahaha! thanks! and I saw my daffodils on instagram – thank you <3 <3 <3

  2. I wish I could send you blue skies, sunshine, tulips, daisies, daffodils and warm weather, but are lacking in those right now too. Although we are a bit warmer and have no snow here, except in the mountains. Some of the ski resorts are saying they will be open til July 4th.
    Best wishes and hugs. ?

  3. That last photo is absolutely stunning with those clouds & sun across the sky coupled with the gusting snow. No wonder you were pleased to get back inside. I’m so grateful to have moved from the snowy area in Wales to this much balmier South West of England though we are having a lot of rain. Take care with all you have going on.

    • thank you, you know how much I love it here but this winter has been hard. hopefully spring will be here soon. and we can get on with things.

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