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Hope everyone had a good holiday weekend! I spent most of mine running giveaways in my Facebook group Tangle All Around. Some people are going to be really happy in a few days when these packages start arriving. I was unable to make a post yesterday and for that I apologize. For today – I am pulling out a post I ran 5 years ago when I used a product called Irresistible Colored Texture Spray.

  • There may not be a post tomorrow. We have doctor visits today which require a long car ride. Hopefully getting some answers to help Mark with his walking.

As an additional note, the first time I used this Irresistible spray was not pleasant. With the first spray of the bottle, it blasted blue ink all over my hand and backwards onto my arm. It was not a wonderful first impression. But I was willing to give it one more try with a different color.

I had been wanting to work on canvas for some time. While I was in Ontario visiting my dear friend Cindy, she took me to a local store where I found some small canvases that I brought home. I completed this one back in Florida.

This was the first project I completed with this new texture spray. Named Irresistible Colored Texture Spray, I wasn’t sure why they use the word ‘texture’ in the title. I do have to tell you that I am not a fan. I had purchased four bottles in various colors. Only one bottle actually sprayed. I had to transfer the other three bottles of ink into some empty spray bottles I keep on hand. I was unable to get two of the colors to mix well. They wanted to stay watered down and separated. I used them anyway and I do like the look of the piece once completed, things just didn’t work as well as they should have.

I was finally able to get some colors onto the canvas, which I then sprinkled salt over.

Next came the plastic kitchen wrap. I used Saran Wrap, don’t know that it makes any difference. I patted it down to the canvas and put it to the side to dry for 24 hours.

Just to make it clear – 24 hours, that is one entire day. That’s a long time. When I returned to this project the next day, the salt had ‘melted’ but the colors were still wet. Threw that Saran Wrap straight into the trash and left this project sitting neglected for close to a week. Seriously. Who has time for that?

And a week later this is what I ended up with. I was very pleased with the colors and they way it turned out, but it was a monumental pain to reach this point. Nothing went smoothly and those irresistible inks were totally resistable! Actually I did try them once more after this and they worked even less stellar than they did this time. Thus, they have all been tossed into the circular file that sits near my desk. Dump-a-rooed big time! My summation for this review? Resist the irresistible! (Especially at $12.00 a bottle.)

Irresistible Texture Spray

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10 thoughts on “Resist the Irresistible

  1. Absolutely no apologies required for missing a post – I do think you could count each post itself as the item for your 100 day project!! I can understand you were less than impressed with those. Take care on the roads & don’t worry about posts – I’m sure nobody is going to disappear, I’m still stunned by your commitment to posting frequency, & they’re not short posts either but have considerable substance.

    • thanks, evy, I like having a record of my art journey for myself and I love sharing it with you and everyone who shares their day with me here. it means a lot to me.

  2. Wow! It is always sad when one must throw art supplies away. But I have had many a pen go that direction. Just leaves more room for more new ones. Hoe all goes well with the dr. visits!

  3. I do believe that there are few ‘bad’ art supplies, but this sounds like one of them. Probably some poor company that relied on China to produce it, and didn’t do the quality control necessary.

  4. Thanks for posting this. I think everyone makes an experience like this.
    Hopefully you get all the answers you are hoping for. You’re in my prayers.

    • Thank you, Karin. It was a very productive day and I’ll update in tomorrow’s post.

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