Making Color Makes Me Happy


You know I like color! Bright colors, not boring ones. Not red. Not black. Not brown. Not grey. B.O.R.I.N.G.

And I like to prep tiles to get them ready for other projects. This is a Tile from Hahnemühle. These tiles are so awesome! They take color, they take wet color, they are perfect for tangling in the traditional black on white – whatever floats your boat. Yep! On this particular tile I used my brayer and rolled on some Neon Pink FolkArt craft paint for a base. I was looking at my behind the door hanging rack of paint and thought about these Hero Arts Daubers. I hadn’t used these in years and didn’t know if they would even still work. See that cool little sponge-like tip at the top? You can just smash it down onto the paper like this or you can brush it across the page and make longer wash-like marks. Me? I was into smashing things yesterday so that’s what I did.

And enjoyed it so much I grabbed a second color and bashed it down onto the tile in several places, too! I really liked how it looked at this point so I stopped. Sometimes it’s better to stop before you mess it up. Yep! The texture in the pink? I did that before the pink dried by blotting with a Kleenex. Cool texture.

I tangled this last night while watching reruns of the Battle Rounds on The Voice. I just like to listen to the music. At this point in the competition most of it sounds good. There is the occasional what in the heck were they thinking picking that song moments, but most of it is all good. Tangles here are printemps and some-flowy-thing-I-made-up-as-I-went-along because it was one of those days. Been a lot of those lately. Better days are coming. Hopefully. We see the Ortho doctor on the 23rd. Yayayayay!!!!!! Want to see one more Dauber-smash-tile?

You can make splashes, too, if your bottle is still good and juicy. Cool, yes? In fact it worked so well I now how purple ink on my sweater. Good times.

Hero Arts Daubers Tiles and all things Hahnemühle are right here

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10 thoughts on “Making Color Makes Me Happy

  1. Now that flowy thing that materialised is so interesting – reckon that needs a name & step-outs! That tile is pretty effective, definitely a perfect example of LESS IS MORE, didn’t the yellow come out beautifully over the pink & I especially like your positioning of those Printemps. Good news about the Ortho doctor.

    • I may work on a step out, I still need to do one for bunny trax, too. a week from Tuesday and maybe we will have some more answers. the warmer temperatures seem to be helping, too.

  2. Your smashing color is just … smashing! I’m surprised those sponge tops still work. Mine always dried up on me, but it was a different brand.

    • I was surprised, too. hahaha! I probably bought these 5 or 6 or 7 years ago. I think I bought them for a Jane davenport class that in never completed.

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