Let Me Show You Spring


Spring. It was bound to happen at some point. Right? Hahaha! We’ve been waiting and hoping and staring out the window. Waiting for the snow to melt. And even as I type this I can still see snow from my window. About two feet deep where I’m looking. Snow plow pushed up stuff. But it’s still there. It’s been two weeks since I showed you pictures of Maine. So let’s get started.

This is the potato field next to our house. Not our field. If it was we would have a lot more money than we do. Hahahaha! The potato farmers are super wonderful up here. After they harvest the field you can go through with buckets or boxes or bags and pick up potatoes to take home. They don’t care. Once they harvest they are done. A lot of families get their kids through the winter by feeding them those potatoes. This photo was taken April 16th, two weeks ago.

April 17, my snow gauge. In the middle of winter you couldn’t even tell this truck was sitting there. The snow totally covered it. But on the 17th, it was clearing out pretty well. The cleared areas are where the water that still has our basement flooded is escaping through. We pump out the water and it literally melts a path through the snow. Eventually. And a reminder – that white shoot down the back between the middle and the right – our bear cave is down there. As soon as I get pictures of them out and around I’ll show you.

And as all the snow melts – it has to go somewhere. Unfortunately there was a bit of flooding this year – not as much as was predicted, thankfully. This little waterfall was totally frozen over during winter, now it is opened up all the way across.

April 18th, this ice is probably 2-3 feet thick. And it is still there on the 30th. Thinner now but still there.

The fields are opening back up. This snow is now gone. And the skies are almost clear again.

At our little diner down the road. Lynn’s flowers are already shooting up. Some kind of orange lily. Really pretty and they come back each year. I didn’t get a shot sooner, but they come up right through the snow when the snow is almost gone.

One week ago, April 23rd. A lot more snow is gone. And look – the bear run is almost clear. And you can totally see why Maine has a mud season. They aren’t kidding.

This is pretty much what I see from my office. This window is one floor above me. A lot of this snow is still on the ground – this was last week. I’ll show you today in a minute.

Last week – the 23rd – we went to Presque Isle to meet the ortho doctor. She was awesome and we liked her so much! Along the way we drove through a town called Mars Hill. You can still see the snow ski runs and across the top a line of turbines generating power for somewhere. Crazy skies, though.

Not something we see everyday in Maine. Someone taking their gnome out for a ride. Hahaha! He was pretty cool and I was totally trying to get pictures without the driver noticing. Cause that would be weird. Yes? I remember all the people taking pictures of my huge dragons when we brought them home tied to a trailer behind our truck. Actually it was pretty awesome.

One more shot.

Last Thursday, the 25th, we were coming home late in the day. And as you can see most of the snow is now gone. Our house is about 1/4 mile past this spot on the right. I love this little church sitting at the top of the hill. Makes some great photos.

And entering our driveway a short time later. The dragons are almost free of the snow. When the trees start getting their leaves back this is a really beautiful place. I have a bench down below that sign where I can sit and enjoy outdoors. And draw or read. The baby dragons are still in the basement until the snow and mud clear out, then I will add them and the gazing ball back into this little hollow.

Friday the mud had dried up enough around the car that I got to wear real shoes outside. Not snow boots. Not mud boots. Shoes. Yayayay!!! But the next day it rained. So yeah, mud boots back out.

We even had company that night for a sleepover. My little Frankles working in her office. She worked really hard making art pretty much the whole time she was here. We work on pictures together. She gives me a piece of paper and tells me what to draw. Then she and I draw the same thing without looking at what the other person is doing, then explain it to each other. And laugh a lot. Hahahaha! It’s fun!

And yesterday we headed back to Presque Isle. Time to get Mark’s steroid injection and that was a whole other story that I rambled on about in yesterday’s post. The good news is the injection is working. OK, in this photo – you can see the ski runs still have a little snow. Here in Maine they have cemeteries everywhere. No idea why but they seriously do. I just thought this was a cool shot as we did about 50 mph down the road in the car.

If you see me on Facebook you may have seen this photo already. I keep telling people how far we have to go to see a doctor here. I thought this would make a cute shot to caption “see? I told you we had to go a really long way to get to a doctor?” These are just past Mars Hill so it would have been the perfect joke. I basically did that on Facebook and no one seemed to get the joke. Oh well. I tried.

This morning’s photo. Only one little bit of snow to be seen down at the end of the bear run.

But yes, I do still have snow out my window. We are supposed to have a couple days of rain later this week and this snow will be gone then.

I watch the snow. Mark watches the ice. Ice on his fishing lakes that is. And Nickerson still has ice. Mark says give it another week and this lake will be iced out. For you folks from the south that means the ice will be gone. Why don’t they just say that? Oh well. Spring has finally come to Maine.

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12 thoughts on “Let Me Show You Spring

  1. Wonderful post. Thanks for showing me around the place you call home. I felt like I was reading the sort of story I like to read, watching stills from the sort of films I like. Except this is real – you live there! You’re real. Little details like the people collecting the leftover potatoes. The shoots coming through the snow. The melting bear run. I’m glad I finally properly found my way to you blog – not just for the art, but for posts like this too!

    • thanks, Jem, we are so blessed to gave found Maine. it is all still new to us even though we’ve lived here almost 3 years now. and I love sharing my home with you <3

  2. There is a little town in Wisc. that had a problem with many of the trees that line main street Some kind of blight or something and it killed the trees Instead of just cutting them down they left about a third of the tree and local artisans carved Gnomes…Each one different from the other

  3. I always love your photos of where you live, so beautiful year round although the winters sound horrendous.
    You house is gorgeous, Storybrooke is funmazing, your neighbors sound great and at least one takes his handsome gnome out for a ride along. ❤️❤️ The flooding basement must be a pain.
    Hugs and best wishes, enjoy your nice weather.

    • we have a sump pump built into the basement. the fellow who built this house was used to Maine. hahahaha! I do love it here so much!

  4. Stunning photography & terrific documenting of the changing landscape through the seasons. So glad the pain is under control for Mark. Hope the baby dragons survived the flooded basement OK.

    • they are sitting on a table so they should be ok, I haven’t checked on them though. I should do that. Maine makes it easy to get good photos. all with my cell phone, too.

  5. Thank you for sharing your Maine pictures! I do miss it! Not the snow though?
    Glad to her about your husbands shot!
    Thank goodness spring is here!

    • hahaha! it snowed last night! no pictures of that to show. thankfully it did not stick and it’s over with now 🙂

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