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Last night I was working with some new product, playing around seeing what the pens would do. I’m not ready to give up on this particular pen, but I did not like how it worked on my tile. Let me show you.

I’m up to my eyeballs in The 100 Day Project, trying to stay afloat. And I had these new markers/pens to product review so play time was in order. This is not a review so I am not even going to identify the pens here. I hope to find better ways to use them, then I’ll tell you about them. I pulled out a YouTangle.art Tile from Hahnemühle and every color this pen comes in. And started drawing loose lines, filling in some areas, making various widths of lines in others. These pens are meant for lettering, I just really wanted to try them for tangling. The pen nibs dug into the paper’s surface making tanging really difficult and I ended up not loving this at all. But I needed a tile for The 100 day thing. So how to save it became the real question. I was not going to waste one of these tiles, nor the time I invested in it. I had other fish to fry. And if you aren’t from the south you may not get that reference.

I grabbed an 0.2 Technical Drawing Pen from Zebra and started drawing printemps. They can cover a wealth of not wonderful. The folks at Zentangle® came out with a technique they call tranzending, it’s a process of making layers of tangles. And it was perfect for what I wanted. So I made a whole layer of printemps all over those imperfect gouge-y lines and colors and more or less covered the whole thing up. Makes me wonder if that is how they figured out tranzending to start with. I dislike the tile less now and feel I can move on to the next day. Tomorrow stay tuned for a recap of week two of The 100 Day Project – including this piece of not wonderful. Before I leave I want to show you something I enjoyed more. Something else I am working on and so excited about!

Robin Mead of Robin Mead Designs sent me what she is calling a Color Flow Journal. Page after page of beautiful color literally flowing across the pages. I have a bunch of Robin’s books and have never drawn in a single one. Until now. I haven’t wanted to mess them up but this book literally speaks to me. The colors are all me and the way the color flows works well with the kind of art I do. I tangled up a bunch of loosey goosey flowers and grabbed some water colors and got to work. Just a little teaser. Pretty soon I will be sharing a video with you of Robin’s beautiful Color Flow book, but in the meantime you can check out her work here and here. Robin’s work really is so amazing! As is she!

YouTangle.art Tiles and all things Hahnemühle are here

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10 thoughts on “I Tried TranZending

  1. Robin’s book is beautiful, and what you added is gorgeous! I understand about the pens I have had a few sets that leave one underwhelmed. The colors are a bit odd as well. You saved your tile beautifully though 🙂
    Great job keeping with the 100 days! I might get something drawn, but I find it hard to always post on social media. Have a good day!

    • this 100 days is going to last a really long time. hahahaha! next year I will probably keep my mouth shut and not mention it

  2. I love that page Just when I think I cannot pick up a pen or piece of paper you make a page like that and I just know I need to try it. I am signed up for these classes and cant make myself open them and then you make me see what is possible.. you make my sadness become a smile Thank you

  3. I do like those loose goosey flowers of yours in the book, particularly the sun. I can see your dilemma with the tile & reckon your Printemps did a good rescue. I know the fish to fry saying – so it must exist in the UK too.

    • oh good, I didn’t know if you would get that saying or not. hahaha! didn’t know if it was universal or not. that sun was a lot of fun to draw. I’m learning that I like the looser style of drawing

  4. Beautiful! Your saving is so pretty.
    The robin mead design pages is gorgeous❣️

    • I’m excited to share Robin’s book here after I’ve done a little more work in mine <3

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