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So the wonderful folks who make Cosmic Shimmer Iridescent Watercolors have been busy and that means we get to play! Hahahaha! This new product called Opal Polish has all the shimmer and iridescent beauty as the watercolor line, but in an almost chalk-like format that you rub onto any porous craft surface. To me that means papers to tangle on. Each glass jar has a polish that yields different colors depending on whether your paper is black or white. I made a video of me trying out the product for the very first time. Some of it works, some of it doesn’t. And there are some beautiful unexpected results as well.

Let me show you these tiles and the Black Book page once they dried. Actually the drying time was super fast! I went back and added some stencil work on the rest of the tiles, and I will be adding tangling in the next days. Here’s a look.

I used Tiles from Hahnemühle for all these. The colors are really hard to photograph. The colors change as the paper moves and catches the light. They are every one of them absolutely gorgeous!

These were so much fun to make! This last one is in my Black Book from Hahnemühle. I believe there was one color I did not purchase. I’ll take care of that when I place another order with Joggles. Hahahaha! I can’t wait to tangle on these. In fact, I’m going to go work on one right now. But first – some links.

Opal Polish Tiles, the Black Book and other Hahnemühle products links are here

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7 thoughts on “Cosmic Shimmer Opal Polish

  1. Loved watching you experimenting with these & the rather surprising results. It’s a bit like watching over your shoulder……… It will be interesting to see how the PN or Micron pens work on the paste – not sure I like the sound of that with the Microns or Fineliners, a recipe for clogged tips methinks but hope not. If it’s designed for a porous surface I’d guess that it would sink into the fibres of the paper…….. hmmmm. Absolutely love the effect on black.

    • I think the black paper was my favorite. Love how it turned out. Sorry I kept getting my head in the video. Hahahahaha

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