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Recently I participated in an ATC swap through the Facebook group ATC Trades and Jams. My assigned swap partner lives in Italy so I was really excited about these trades. We swapped two ATCs that were required to have a butterfly on them and two ATCs that were to be made from items around our home. Untraditional ATCs. I posted about the ones I made here and here. I would like to show you what I received in return. Everyone has their own way of creating ATCs, so it is really interesting to look at what someone else makes. First, let’s look at the butterfly ATCs.

My swap buddy Patricia Mora lives in Italy. She is really talented and creative. She included some extra little beads and fluffy feathers that I can use on future projects.

Patricia spent some time making this one! A lot of attention to detail. I love the buttons across the bottom and the crocheted embellishment as a border. That butterfly is beautiful.

A wonderful embroidered butterfly that filled the ATC. I really like the green jewels in the corners, too!

The second trade was called Unconventional. We were supposed to use items around our home, not to go out and buy stuff to make these ATCs. Patricia did a beautiful job with this prompt. And I love all the little bunnies and chicks and flowers and Easter eggs. Those will probably go to the Frankles to use in her art making.

Card stock on a cardboard backing. I recognize the paper she used to make the skirt. I have a dinner napkin that looks like that. Beautiful trim on the bottom.

And this is my favorite of the four ATCs she sent to me. Cute little Easter bunny made completely from cotton balls. Add a couple googly eyes and some bristles from a broom or something similar and you have one awesomely sweet cute little bunny! I am so glad they paired Patricia and I up as swap buddies! She hasn’t received the ones I sent yet. I hope she loves them half as much as I love these!

If you would like to participate in some upcoming ATC swaps, click this link to go to ATC Trades and Jams and ask to join. It really is a lot of fun and you can trade as much or as little as you’d like.

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8 thoughts on “ATCs Received From Italy

  1. Styles are so different when it comes to ATCs aren’t they? I can see why you’re fascinated by participating & it’s such an exchange of ideas too. That was certainly creative with the cotton balls & certainly fit the brief. I too rather like that green butterfly – but then somehow or other (as somebody else noticed) I often seem to choose a book that’s green!!

    • hahahaha! yes, I think green is your color, whereas mine are pink, purple and teal. am I allowed to have more than one? do you have more than one?

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