Artist Spotlight: Gema Corrales


Spanish artist Gema Corrales is the face behind Fairy Girl Art. I met Gema on Facebook – of course – and immediately fell in love with her art!

My first impressions of Gema were cemented with this piece of art right here. This is Brynna. Gema was participating in an art auction conducted in the Facebook group The Creative Kind – where I am a member. I came across a photo of Brynna during one of the monthly auctions and was immediately hooked! I kept scrolling through the page and studying the pieces of art Gema had available. And I loved them all but Brynna really sang to me!

All Gema’s human creations sport wings. Fairy wings to be exact. After all, Gema is known on the internet as FairyGirl. Sometimes FairyGirl Gema. I won Brynna in an auction and won this sweet little bear in a giveaway. When Gema sent my package all the way from Spain to the United States she also included a piece of her post card art. Look at all the cute little fairies! I love them all! And isn’t her business card amazing?

Gema admins a FB group called FairyGirl Art – Tales and Sales where she regularly auctions her artwork and offers a lot of fun adventures looking for eggs and clues and trails leading to some fun winnings for us! Not long ago I was looking at her wall and drooling over the pieces I wanted. This past week I got a package in the mail – can you believe I got all these sweet little girls????? Yayayayayay!!!!!

This is what I found when I opened the package. And Gema packs really well – that is a whole lot of traveling from Spain to me and everything was in perfect condition when it arrived! But. As much as I loved the post card fairy/ bumblebee here and thought she was adorable – I mean, just look at those little freckles sprinkled across her nose! – I was just the teeniest bit disappointed when I removed her from the bag to find . . .

. . . her glasses and antennae disappeared. Sigh. I loved them. So I kept the bag too and can dress her up like a little bumblebee anytime I want to!

This little one reminded me of Tinkerbell who is my all-time favorite!!! So of course I had to have her. Hahaha! And I got her in the auction! She is part of Gema’s fairy babies series and I really think she is just the best thing ever! I’m going to pretend her little wand is going to sprinkle some pixie dust that will organize my studio! Hahahaha! I think the one detail in Gema’s art that really draws me in every time is the way she paints the eyes. What’s that old saying? Eyes are the windows to the soul? I can see straight down into this one’s soul. And I love her!

And this one – she’s a mermaid. Do I really need to say more? Hahahahaha! But I do want to tell you one thing about her. Gema painted her on a playing card. For real. I didn’t even know you could do that. And just look at those eyes. So precious.

This little one reminded me so much of Disney World. I used to go stay in the park at one of their hotels for 4 or 5 days at a time and just draw and paint. Can’t really do that any more since we moved to Maine and I miss it. I would load my car up with gelli plates, and acrylics and brayers, and all my tangling supplies and I would drag the table to the window and just work for days. I remember looking up one day to see a group of people standing at the window – watching me create art. Scared me half to death! Hahahahahaha! Good memories! Anyway – I did not win this piece in an auction. I got outbid. And Gema was so sweet to make one just for me. She named her Mati. And she’s beautiful!

Gema gives us thank you gifts, too. This is a tiny little 1.5″ x 2″ piece of art. And look at her wings. <3

This one was included as a thank you for bidding on her auctions. I so wish I could draw like this. Maybe one day. I can always hope. But for now I will keep looking at Gema’s work and bidding on her auctions. And waiting for the mail to arrive.

I love talking with Gema just as much as I love her art. She is always available – when she’s awake – to answer my questions and just be friendly. I think she’s the bomb! If you should want to look at more of Gema’s art and to check out her auctions, I will give you those links. She is active on Instagram also. And I’ll leave you with a link to The Creative Kind – that is where I first learned of Gema, FairyGirl extraordinaire! I hope some of her little fairies wing their way right into your heart!

FairyGirl Art – Tales and Sales
Instagram – fairygirlink
The Creative Kind, FB – you will need to join

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13 thoughts on “Artist Spotlight: Gema Corrales

  1. I think Gema’s (fairygirl) art is very expressive and bright. I can’t help but feel their eyes although better than any I would do are so sad looking. Congratulations on your auction winnings!!

    • I know that if you contact Gema through messenger she would be thrilled to help you. <3

    • Oh Christine, feel free to contact me through messenger, and I will be happy to paint as many as you need for your granddaughters. Thank you so much for loving my work!

  2. Interesting art form & I can understand why you’re thrilled with your package, what an exciting bundle to unwrap. Glad you had something wonderful happen this week especially. Shall be thinking of you both tomorrow.

    • thanks, evy, tomorrow will be a busy day. lots of stress tomorrow. I know you will be praying us through and I appreciate that so much. there won’t be a post tomorrow. possible not the next day either.

  3. Thank you so much Alice for such an awesome artist Spotlight! I will be sure to paint more girls with glasses just for you ;). Thank you from the bottom of my heart, this made my day!

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