A Hahnemühle Dragon


How’s that for a post title? Hahahaha! Yep! I made a dragon using an awesome Hahnemühle paper!

Before you get excited, no, I did not draw this. I wish! I started with this drawing by Bennett Klein. Bennett posted his drawing on Facebook and invited us to color it. I downloaded his art and printed it out on a sheet of Hahnemühle’s Layoutblock. The layoutblock is a pad with 75 sheets of 35 lb. specialty paper. Meant for fibre pens, fineliners and markers, it is almost translucent – in fact my colors are see through if you hold the paper up to a light fixture. It’s pretty amazing.

Check this out! You can see my fingers at the top. I was holding the paper in front of my little desk light. Isn’t it awesome?

I used my Copic Sketch Markers to add all the color and highlights and shadings. I interpreted the dragon the way I saw it. Hopefully it is close to what Bennett meant for it to be. I think he’d like it!

And last – here is my cheat sheet of the Copic colors I used. In case I ever need to go back and make changes or touch up areas. This dragon may end up in a frame on my studio wall. I love it! Bennett’s work and this Layoutblock paper is the perfect combination! I am going to leave you with a couple links.

Layoutblock and all things Hahnemühle can be found here
Bennett Klein, Facebook
My initial review of the Layoutblock

12 thoughts on “A Hahnemühle Dragon

  1. You did an awesome job! I love dragons! I like how you do the color swatches for the page. I looked at his facebook page quickly, wow is he talented!

    • he is super talented and he has a whole line of coloring books available on Amazon. I probably should have mentioned that.

  2. Love that dragon – he should feel right at home being at your house!

    • hahaha! yes, he should! now he needs a name and I’m thinking Klein might be right 😉

    • thank you 🙂 that list was a chore. and I totally stole links from you and Jennifer and found some of my own

  3. Thanks for the colour combos – so useful. That’s quite an interpretation of the dragon, love the way the flowers are realistic colours whereas the dragon is ….. em……fantasy colours?? The red feet & face with the blue mane is so striking you have to look again but those colours really define those parts.

    • some of the bottom was really hard to tell what was what, the lines weren’t as distinct. so I used the color to define the spaces. glad it worked 🙂

    • yay!!!!! and this paper is so awesome! it makes him translucent! thank you 🙂

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