Let Me Show You Spring


Spring. It was bound to happen at some point. Right? Hahaha! We’ve been waiting and hoping and staring out the window. Waiting for the snow to melt. And even as I type this I can still see snow from my window. About two feet deep where I’m looking. Snow plow pushed up stuff. But it’s… Continue Reading

Playing With Brea Reese Alcohol Ink


I found a new line of product recently and I’ve been itching to play! New to me at least. Maybe not new to you – Brea Reese. Beautiful, bright, bold color and I just had to try them out! I had played some with her watercolor inks then noticed she also makes her own alcohol… Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: Gema Corrales


Spanish artist Gema Corrales is the face behind Fairy Girl Art. I met Gema on Facebook – of course – and immediately fell in love with her art! My first impressions of Gema were cemented with this piece of art right here. This is Brynna. Gema was participating in an art auction conducted in the… Continue Reading

Tangle Deck 3 Now Available


Lynn Mead is amazing. Perhaps you’ve heard of her? If you are seriously into the art of tangling you are probably familiar with her patterns, her website, or her art. She is a Certified Zentangle Teacher who contributes to the development of the tangle community on a regular basis. Today I want to show you… Continue Reading

ATCs Received From Italy


Recently I participated in an ATC swap through the Facebook group ATC Trades and Jams. My assigned swap partner lives in Italy so I was really excited about these trades. We swapped two ATCs that were required to have a butterfly on them and two ATCs that were to be made from items around our… Continue Reading

Week Three is Done √


The 100 Day Project. I can’t believe it’s already three weeks in. So many members of my Facebook group Tangle All Around are participating and posting beautiful art every day. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time to be involved. Five to fifteen minutes a day is plenty. A lot of people are… Continue Reading

Update on Mark


Thank you for all the prayers and messages and well wishes. We were able to visit with the Orthopedic doctor today and now have a plan for Mark’s pain. She said his hip is as bad as it could possibly be and he would definitely need a replacement but she did not believe we needed… Continue Reading

Resist the Irresistible


Hope everyone had a good holiday weekend! I spent most of mine running giveaways in my Facebook group Tangle All Around. Some people are going to be really happy in a few days when these packages start arriving. I was unable to make a post yesterday and for that I apologize. For today – I… Continue Reading

Cosmic Shimmer Opal Polish


So the wonderful folks who make Cosmic Shimmer Iridescent Watercolors have been busy and that means we get to play! Hahahaha! This new product called Opal Polish has all the shimmer and iridescent beauty as the watercolor line, but in an almost chalk-like format that you rub onto any porous craft surface. To me that… Continue Reading

YouTangle.art Tile Reviewed by Actual Users


Hahnemühle has some really incredible paper products for literally any type of art you can name. Any kind at all. Go ahead – name some! Hahaha! No, don’t because I can’t actually hear you but I’m telling you if you can create it they have the perfect product for you. They do! Today I want… Continue Reading