We Survived the MRI, Mostly


Yesterday’s MRI is a done deal and we appreciate your thoughts, prayers and encouragements. Who knows when we will get results. Mainers don’t seem to get in a hurry for anything. And usually that is alright, but not this time. We need help like a month ago. The MRI will help us get an appointment with a neurosurgeon so Mark can finally get some help. Don’t even get me started on the family practice “doctor” that has been helping us. I have already changed to a new practitioner and Mark will be once this referral to the surgeon goes through. Also, looks like Mark’s insurance will not pay for the MRI nor the cat scan we already did (and didn’t need but that’s part of that whole “doctor” thing.) I’ll keep you in the loop. And thanks again. You guys are the best!

I was trying to print something yesterday and my printer wouldn’t turn on. Seems the plug got dislodged from the wall – no idea how because it is behind an eight foot tall bookcase – and to fix it I had to completely move the case away from the wall. My studio here is not as large as the two rooms I used in Florida. It is seriously wall to wall furniture and storage. The only open space is where that TV is and where the closet and doorway is. To move the bookcase I had to completely empty the shelves. Mark isn’t able to help with that kind of thing because of his back. So it all went onto the floor. I didn’t think to take a photo at that point. This was after I fixed the printer and replaced almost everything onto the shelves. All those books on the floor – some of them will end up in my Etsy shop. Did you know I have a store? Yep! Here is a link to The Creator’s Leaf Etsy store. There is a bunch of product there now and I am thinking about setting aside one day a week to just work on product for the store. I’ll eventually make a post about that.

I do have good news on the snow front, though. Here is this morning’s shot out the upstairs window. The old plow truck is visible and the tractor is almost totally uncovered now. The temps are up in the upper 30s today. And the sun is out. And we can tell the snow is melting because the basement is already flooded. The pump is running – shooting the water out over the top of a snow pile and into the grass area you see here. Fingers crossed and praying the snow is over for this season. It’s beautiful and I love it but enough is enough. Hopefully back to art tomorrow. Have great day! <3

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18 thoughts on “We Survived the MRI, Mostly

  1. Sounds like this Mercury retrograde has really been affecting you. It has me as well. Computers, electricity, machanical issues, contracts, and communication can be wacko during Mercury retrograde.

    Sending prayers for you and your honey. I know how frustrating it can get with having to deal with referrals and coverage. I’d ask for an appeal on the ctscan and the mri in another week or so since Mercury hoes direct tomorrow. Sometimes lingering effects for a week or so after it goes direct.

  2. sometimes you can fight the Ins co when proof of necessity is shown It is worth a try anyway. Prayers that all is well and you get some solution . Try looking for a good NP so often they have more compassion more insight and more brains. Most are woman and they are willing to listen to your concerns and fears….

    • we are going to file an appeal, if what the agent is trying to do doesn’t work. and the medical person we have is a female NP – the others we had before her were wonderful. this one just doesn’t get it.

  3. Sending you all the good vibes for good health and warmth to melt the snow slowly so as not to cause flooding.

  4. Glad your hubby survived the MRI! I am all to aware of doctors and such in Maine. Having many a relatives have issues, you must fight for what you think is right. Keep up the good work! Glad the sun is out and all is melting! Except for the basement. Now off to check your etsy shop!

    • our basement has more water in it today than yesterday and the pump has been running non-stop. off to the hardware type store to see what can be done

  5. You need to put those furniture sliders under it, in case you have to move it again. Then you could do it yourself! I have them under all my heavy furniture.

    • well I did end up doing this myself, and it gave me a chance to reorganize and find some stuff. I have sliders under some pieces just not this one. good idea

  6. The wheels of medicine grind exceedingly slow, but no longer exceedingly fine! I hope things fall into place and start to move faster for both your sakes!

    • Thanks, Sandra. Our doctor is on vacation so it will be at least Monday before we hear anything. It needs to be sooner but there is nothing we can do.

  7. So sorry to hear about the medics issues & that flooded basement. Let’s hope the results get to the bottom of what needs to be done for Mark & you get a doctor who can deal with it properly for you. Backs are such incapacitating things. Take care both of you.

  8. medical challenges are so complicated. keeping fingers crossed for a successful plan of care.

  9. Good luck and best wishes to Mark. And to you too.

    Sorry to hear these issues plus the flooded basement.

    In my thoughts

    • thanks, Barbara. we are getting there. I got the MRI results yesterday so now we are working on getting into the neurosurgeon’s office.

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