Strathmore Blue


Strathmore has a relatively new paper out and they call it Toned Blue Mixed Media. It comes in various sizes and I just grabbed up a pad recently. Let me show you what I did!

Nothing fancy. Just a little tangling with a blue micron and a grey Copic multiliner. Highlighting was done with some inexpensive colored pencils. A fast and easy piece to check out this awesome blueish-grey paper. I need to try some wet media next. So much fun! For tangles I used printemps, caracole, bolt petal, kuke and cirquital.

Need to a place to learn more about tangling? Want to make some awesome tangle friends? Come on over to Facebook and check out my group Tangle All Around. Super friendly bunch of nice folks who help each other learn and advance their skills. And we are just waiting for you to join us.

Tangle All Around
Strathmore Toned Blue

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12 thoughts on “Strathmore Blue

  1. Your “nothing fancy” is gorgeous!!
    That paper is a wonderful hue of blue and your tangles and shading are beautiful!

  2. Alice, hope it is OK, but I pinned this one to my Zentangle on Pinterest? So lovely, and I love blue and will look for this paper. Must be really new?

    • yes, patsy, all my photos are fine for Pinterest. in fact, if you hover on the photo the little Pinterest button is set to pop up 🙂

  3. Looks very interesting – shall keep an eye out for that, can imagine it will be wonderful with wax-based pencils like Prismacolor or Coloursoft. The grey Printemps is ever so effective in the centre.

    • yes, I think it would work very well with those. I’d love to see what you do <3

  4. I’m really into blue this year, thanks for posting this
    Ps I just want you to know I appreciate your daily posts and you Brighton up my inbox!
    Thank you

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