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Like I mentioned yesterday, this afternoon Mark is having an MRI to hopefully determine why he is having trouble walking. I really can’t make art today, so I’m pulling out a post from the past. I promise it is still relevant. <3 (And I’ll add some new comments, too.)  Show of hands: how many of us have stencils laying around collecting dust and we need a new way to use them? Me, me! Yep! (Those are all new comments. Hahaha!) Let me show you one way I am learning to work with stencils – other than using them with color – and it is easy to take you from step one all the way to the conclusion.

I originally bought these stencils on Joggles, but that was a couple years ago. (Link at the end of the post.) It is a great set that includes several face shapes, several facial features, accessories, hair – and everything comes in three sizes. I need to find these and play with them some more! They are seriously cool!

To get started, I picked a face shape and a set of features – and simply traced them with pencil. Yep! You can totally do this! I knew I wanted to add the crown – because tiara! – and that it would sit on top of her hair. I traced the top part of her hair in pencil, so I could tell where to sit the crown.

Once I had the crown in place, I used another part of the stencil to add in the rest of her hair. Any time you trace a stencil you are going to get some choppy lines like you see in the first photo. They have to do this so the stencil doesn’t fall apart. It’s kind of hard to trace what lays in pieces in the bottom of the bag – so they have connecting spaces. Once I had that crown figured out, I went over the hairlines with a fine liner and closed in those gaps in the pencil work.

Ready for the fun part? That would be figuring out what tangles to place in each section. Just pick a section of the penned stencil and start adding patterns. There is no rhyme or reason, just use tangles you enjoy drawing.

As I went along, I realized the hair looked out of proportion so I added more on the left hand side.

Love some good angle shots of artwork! Here I tangled some of the hair I added in.

And if you are having fun – before you know it you have tangled up a stenciled piece of artwork! This post originally ran a little over two years ago. I have learned so much since then. I should really pull this piece back out and do something with that crown. Gems in each of those open areas would be amazing! Stencil art! I am sure if you have some stencils laying around, you can do something similar. A combination of tangle art with an existing art journaling supply – easy peasy! Now let me go look and see if I can find a link for these awesome stencils. See you tomorrow!

Fearless Face Stencils

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12 thoughts on “Stencil Art to Tangle

  1. I never thought to look for face stencils! What a great idea!! Tangling hair has always intrigued me but I have no idea how to draw a face – particularly an attractive one. Lol … Thanks for re-sharing this post!

    I do hope your husband’s MRI showed what’s causing his issue and the docs can fix it. ?

    • hahahaha! I don’t know how to draw one either – especially not an attractive one. 🙂

  2. Hope all is well for you and Mark today. Thoughts and prayers are with you that the solution is simple. And thanks for the suggestion I also have those stencils and have barely looked at them Will have to get them back out . Elaine S

    • have fun with your stencils. I want to try this again. maybe on some crazy colored background 🙂 thank you for your prayers. the MRI is done. looks like the insurance will not pay for it so get to do that. but at least we can get some answers now.

    • thank you, it went well. now we wait for answers. thank you for the prayers.

    • thank you, Clara. we appreciate it so much. the MRI is done, looks like we will be paying for it because the insurance doesn’t want to cover it. that is not good but at least now we can get some help and some answers. thank you for your prayers.

  3. As usual I’m playing catch up with comments……. I’ve peeked at the next post but I’ll comment there as I did have that MRI in mind as I woke up one morning & I just trust God slotted it in on the right day. Stencils are definitely fun & so useful when it comes to tangling……. I definitely need to investigate my stencil box for a reminder….

    • keep the prayers coming. working on the flooding issue has put mark right back into bed. and to top things off, our dog Kodi is having some major issues and we think we are getting ready to lose him. Kodi must be around 18 years old

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