Hahaha! I keep seeing cartoons and memes on Facebook about spring being here. Yep! I do think Maine is thinking … wishing … longing for spring. But it isn’t here quite yet.

Mark equates spring with the lakes being iced out and ready for fishing. So this morning after breakfast we rode by Nickerson Lake, one of his two favorite fishing spots. Still has lots of snow, but it is melting for sure. Wonder what those little buildings you see are used for?

They are ice shacks. We didn’t do these in Florida. These have been brought back up to the landing from the iced over lake. The shacks are typically on runners and they sit on the frozen lake top and the crazy people ice fish from inside them. We have seen cars and trucks out on that iced over lake as well. These three are waiting to be taken back home and stored till next winter.

This is the boat landing. When spring really gets here there will be a dock here. They remove it for the winter. That is Nickerson Lake you see where the snow and ice are.

You can see where the ice is starting to melt and the water and ice are turning to slush. There is a set of stairs out on the ice that are probably going to be sacrificed to the lake because I really don’t think the owner can get back to them. And it looks like someone took a snow plow out on the ice after one of the storms and plowed trails to the various ice shacks.

Here we are back home, pulling into our driveway. Those walls of snow are lower. To the left of the Storybrooke sign and just before the tree – I can see two red tips of dragon horns. Yep. The dragons are getting where you can see them some now. From the road I can actually see both of the big dragons.

Around that curve and in towards the house. This is the area Mark had to keep plowed so we would have room to turn the cars around and for the mail trucks from UPS and FedEx to get to the house and still have turning around room. You can see some grass on the right hand side – that leads down to the back yard. Mark kept that plowed, too, so the oil truck could get to the back yard easier to top off our fuel.

You can see here the snow level in front of the porch is down a good bit. We are actually supposed to have a few days in the upper 40s and lower 50s before it snows again next weekend.

But this is what makes me think Maine is thinking about spring. This is right up flush to the side of the house, to the left of that porch. One little stalk pushing up between the snow and the house and it has two blooms on it. Yes! Spring may actually be thinking of making an appearance. Yay!!!

I may miss a day of posting. Mark has an MRI scheduled Tuesday to help figure out why he is having so much trouble with his back. If I miss a day – I will be back the next.

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14 thoughts on “Spring?

  1. Hope the MRI identifies the problem for Mark – you’re both much in my thoughts. We have spring showing here too – sunshine rather than continuous rain. Glad you managed to keep access open to the house, especially with your fuel deliveries. Take care yourself with the melting, there are often hidden things that can catch the foot………

    • we will, envy, and I think I figured out an easy way for you and I to FaceTime. when I get a few minutes to myself I will send you a message. <3

  2. Hope the MRI helps figure out the problem with Mark. He has too much to do to have a bad back!
    Your “Storybrooke” is beautiful Alice!
    A little piece of heaven on earth!

  3. Hope all goes well with the MRI. And I hope spring arrives for you soon. Be careful on the icy bits- I was being slow and careful, but there was ice under the snow and I had a bad fall and hurt my knee. We have some snow and ice left, but bare patches on the back lawn. That plant is amazing.

    • I can’t believe the plant has blooms on it. and 3 feet of snow still sitting on the rest of the plant. you be careful, too. spring has to come eventually – take care.

  4. I love getting your emails about the area you live in, its so different to where I live, but I live in the snow country too, but in Australia!!! We don’t get anywhere near as much snow as you do :). It was -0.2 degrees Celsius this morning in autumn so we are cooling down for winter while you are warming up for spring……….Hope the MRI goes well.

    • thanks! at least it is over with and now we wait for results. I bet it is beautiful where you live! I’d love to visit the area one day.

    • we love it here so much! we have way too much snow but that’s ok, it will all be gone soon. thanks for the prayers, we appreciate them!

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