New Dyestress Colors to Tangle With


ColorBox has a line of ink pads called Dyestress Blendable Dye Inks. They are very similar to the Ranger Distress Inks. I made a post previously using some of the colors that were new at that time. Since then, ColorBox has released more colors. Yesterday I got a chance to play with them a bit. A lot more techniques to come, but for this one I just used my craft mat and a spritzer bottle of water.

To get started I pulled out a handful of the Tiles from Hahnemühle, a couple blending tools from Ranger and my new Dyestress ink pads. For this purchase I focused on pinks/purples, blues/green and a yellow.

For the first tile, I started with Posy and Caribbean. I used a blending tool and rubbed some of the Caribbean blue onto my craft mat. I get a little heavy handed with these inks. I can get a more control by rubbing the color onto the mat and lifting the color from there to go onto the tile.

Working from the craft mat, I used the blending tool to lightly rub the color onto the tile in a circular motion. You can see the one darker circle in the middle where I initially forgot to go easy. I spent the rest of my time on this tile trying to cover that up and smooth it out. Does it really matter? No. Not at all.

Then I used the posy and a clean blending tool in the same manner. Rub some onto the mat, then lift from there and make circular motions on the tile. In the middle where the two colors met, I went over lightly with both colors til I got a nice purple-ish blend. The tile could totally be finished at this point and would be ready to tangle.

But I decided I wanted to try something else. Of course. Hahahahaha! I wanted to see if the color would lift away once dry. Water is how I typically test that, so I grabbed a fan brush and some water

I sprayed the water directly onto my mat, picked the water up with the fan brush and . . . .

. . . flicked it all across the tile . . .

. . . and after about 30 seconds, I blotted with a paper towel.

And yes, the color absolutely lifted with a simple water splatter process. Now. Here it is a day later. I wonder if I use a water brush and rub over the color, will more of it lift. Hold on . . . . only very minimally. So any real crazy lifting of color needs to be done when you initially work with the ink. Moving on.

Before I forget, we saw our first moose of the season yesterday. The snows are melting and they are able to get out and start moving around again. Yay!!! As long as they don’t run out in front of my jeep. Again. For my second tile, I used Tahiti, Bumble Bee and Cabernet. Yes, I know you can read those. I just like to type them out. It helps this visual learner remember. These Hahnemühle Tiles are perfect for these experiments. And we are gearing up for The 100 Day Project (silently screaming NOOOOOO!) and these will be perfect for my tangling each day.

You can see here that I stamped these colors directly onto the mat. Mostly a dry mat.

Then I spritzed the pretty colors with water and got them good and beaded up.

I placed a tile straight down into the color and lifted. Then turned the tile at an angle and made another lift. I was feeling like this was a little too dark.

And I had an idea to lighten that up, but first. I still had some color on the mat. And I didn’t want to waste it.

So I took another tile and blotted and rubbed and pulled through the color, getting as much of it up as I could.

And this was my lovely surprise when I turned the tile over. You may wonder where those specks of pink came from. I did. The last project I made using this particular craft mat – I made splatters with pink acrylic ink. Apparently I didn’t get them all off the mat when I put it away. And now they are off 🙂 Ta-da!

OK, back to the dark side. Uh, tile. The too dark tile. On my now cleared off mat, I rubbed on some of the bumble bee yellow and spritzed it with water . . .

. . . and turned the tile face down into the color and blotted up most of the yellow.

Much better, but there were still places I thought were too dark. So I sprayed water directly onto the tile, waited about 30 seconds, and blotted it with a paper towel. You can see in this photo that some color did lift away. I said well I guess that’s it, then and sat it aside to dry. I made other tiles, but this is all I’m going to show you today. The rest will come tomorrow. Here are today’s tiles once they dried.

An update on us: our basement is flooded big time. Snow is melting, it is raining now and we have water downstairs. The house came with a built in pump and we are using it. Yesterday we weren’t making any headway with the water level, so Mark had to do some work with the lines. Which did not fare well with his back and he is back in bed now. Water pumping out is much better but Mark is paying for it. No results on the MRI – our medical person is gone on vacation so who knows when we will hear anything. Monday I will probably be back at their office telling them I’m not leaving until I have the results. The last time I did that they called security. So if you don’t hear from me at the beginning of the week – send bail money. Also, our chocolate lab Kodi is not doing well. All of a sudden he isn’t eating or drinking and he won’t do the stairs to go outside. He is probably close to 18 years old. I expect we are going to lose Kodi in the next day or so and I have no idea what you do about that when the ground is still frozen and you can’t dig and your digger is down on the bed with a seriously messed up back and can’t walk issue. Prayers, please. Keep ’em coming because we need them big time. Tiles and all things Hahnemühle can be found here
ColorBox Dyestress Ink Pads
Craft Mat
Spritzer Bottle
Ranger Blending Tools
The 100 Day Project

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22 thoughts on “New Dyestress Colors to Tangle With

  1. Oh, ow. Flooding basements and agonizing back pain are not a good combination. I hope Mark can get relief soon.

    Maybe ask your medical person’s back up for the results?

    I am so sorry about Kodi. It’s just hard when they pass over the Rainbow Bridge. Your vet should be able to help him cross without pain and he can help with the remains.

    Hugs, Alice. It sounds like a hard time all around. Praying for you.

    • thanks, Stephanie, I hadn’t even thought about the vet being able to help with arrangements. we are from Florida, not used to all these new issues

  2. Hi Alice. Those tiles look gorgeous. I love the colours. Sorry to hear about the flooded basement, the pump, Mark and his back and Kodi. Hope all goes well with the results. It is amazing how with all happening at once you still find time and motivation to colour and write a blog. Hats off to you. Love and hugs.

  3. Oh, I’m so sorry to read about your DH’s bad back, your Kodi, and the flooding. You have your hands full at the moment, and I do hope things get much better very quickly! Make sure to take some time for yourself and get lots of rest to help deal with all these stresses. Hugs

  4. Sorry to hear that things are tough for you right now. I don’t really do the prayer things, but sending thoughts and love and hope that you find a way through the upcoming challenges.

    And those hexagonal ink pads make for a really easy added interest on the tiles. Clever!

    • they do and they stack so storage for them is really minimal – thanks for the hopeful thoughts, I appreciate them very much

  5. Oh sweet friend, I hate that Mark (and you) are suffering so. Go to that medical office and make a scene – I have been in that situation and it’s no fun. I have bail money – call me!
    The prospect of loosing a fur baby is so difficult. My heart breaks for you. Praying for peace through these difficult times.
    Gorgeous colors as always – I hope creating gives you some much needed solace! ❤️

    • mostly what I have right now is a headache. I know you’ve been there. too many things all at once. but I can’t sit for too long – The 100 Day Project is coming. nooooooooo!!!!!!!

  6. Dear Alice,
    RE Kodi: Call your vet. If the end is really nigh, she/he can make your beloved pet comfortable and help you make peaceful, reasonable choices. Given your husband’s bad back, your flood, and other challenges, let someone else help you.
    Thank you for sharing your experiments and expertise. I enjoy reading about what you’re doing.

    • thanks, betsy, we have one neighbor – we really in the middle of nowhere – who will help us. we can always count on Mike

  7. You go girl! I’ve never had security called on me, but I have had verbal arguments with doctors office personnel. One time I ran down the hall at the hospital chasing my mothers doctor actually screaming at him. When he wouldn’t talk to me I stood there and very loudly berated him in front of everyone. I called him a hack and quacked at him as he left. I saw him in public shortly after that and quacked at him, making sure he saw me. I have also walked out in the middle of appointments and refused to pay the bill. You have to stand up sometimes when they treat you badly, if you don’t, who will. Good luck and you and your husband are in my thoughts. Sorry to ramble, but this stuff ticks me off, can you tell?

    • it’s ok, it ticks me off, too. hahaha! glad to think you have my back on this one. if I need help I’ll let you know 😉

  8. What spectacular tiles! Yummy color. Mmmmmm … Pretty sure I need to spring for some of those ColorBox Dyestress Ink Pads. Alice, I gotta say, I soooooo appreciate all the time you spend photographing and writing for your blog posts! I am learning so much from you! And I love your casual, just-chatting kind of writing style. You always make me smile!

    Your “update on us” touched me … The snow part I can relate to – but on a much smaller scale – because we live in the Sierra Nevada Mountains between Reno and Lake Tahoe at 6,200 ft. We’ve had snow here for almost 6 months. We truly love snow! But we’re quite over it at this point … Good thing your house has a basement pump!! I can also relate to your concern for your husband’s back issue – on a lesser scale – because mine has been diagnosed with “severe spinal canal narrowing” as well as some disc bulging which causes him “acute low back pain”. He’s still up and around but in pain most of the time. We also had to wait a long time for the MRI results which was SO frustrating! And then there’s Kodi. He has certainly reached a ripe old age (126 in people years!) but all the more heartbreaking to know he’ll be leaving you soon.

    I am keeping all kinds of good thoughts for your family – for a solution for Mark’s pain, for a peaceful passing for Kodi and for that basement pump to keep working! Hugs to you ~ Jan

    • thank you, jan, I spend a lot of time in tears these days and hiding them from mark. he has enough on his plate as it is. I am glad you are enjoying the posts. I am so afraid people are going to get bored. hahaha! I sure hope not. thanks for all the sweet words – I much appreciate them <3

  9. I’m so sorry to hear about Mark and Kodi and hope that the pump keeps pumping! They say it always gets darkest before just before dawn, so I hope this is a sign that things will be better soon. Do you have any long-time Mainer neighbors that might be able to give you an idea what to do if the worst does happen for Kodi?

    • yes, our neighbor mike will help us. I have no idea what to do with the ground still buried and frozen. Kodi actually made it down the stairs to go outside this morning and back up the stairs unaided. he could not do either of those yesterday. he hasn’t eaten in 3 days but he is drinking some water. we will see.

  10. Please be careful of those Moose Alice, you really don’t want to have a Jeep encounter with one of those. That first tile is stunning with the fan brush water technique – I was quite glad when your further water application failed to change it. Sorry to hear about Kodi too – as Stephanie & Betsy mentioned your vet should surely help in that department. Praying.

    • Kodi is doing a bit better. he ate some last night, and this morning. and he has been able to do the stairs on his own to get outside twice yesterday and today. he does not seem to be in any pain. he just seems tired and ready to go.

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