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My friend Sandy Hunter told me about some awesome fluorescent markers she likes to use and I right away ordered a small set to play with. I had a few minutes yesterday, so I pulled them out and gave them a go.

Letraset Neon Markers. They come in several sets on Amazon, the one I purchased has six neon/flourescent colors and they are lovely! I grabbed a pad of Hahnemühle’s Bamboo Mixed Media cards and got right to work. These particular papers are about 3″ x 4″.

I started with the electric pink, volt blue and glowing green. Got to say that glowing green name is a bit of a misnomer. What you see it doing here on my craft mat is all I got out of the green. I scribbled some color from the three markers on the craft mat and spritzed it with water.

Then took a Bamboo tile and placed it face down into the color. Fingers crossed, I got ready to turn it over and see what happened. Would the green show up better than it did on my mat?

Uh, that would be a big no. But I liked what the pink and blue did. And I still had color on my mat so I flipped the tile over and tapped that blank area down into the remaining color.

And I was able to pick up a little more color. I love how the blue and pink make purple. And I guess in all fairness there is a hint of green there at the bottom in one place. Calling this one a success I sat it aside to dry naturally.

The colors changed a lot as they dried. Softened (weakened) but I am ok with it. This was just the first experiment with these markers. And calling out to Sandra Strait – I totally see a cat in this picture! Hahaha!

Second tile. Yes, this is awful blurry and I apologize for that. But it’s the only shot I got. I don’t check the pictures when I’m taking them because there isn’t time for that. And I’m not making the picture big so I don’t offend your eyes too badly. Hahaha! But you can get the idea – I used radiant orange, more of that blue, luminous yellow and I even tried the green again. Scribbled and spritzed with water. That’s kind of my mantra – the first thing I try with most every color product I get. It’s kind of like printemps and how I start most tangle pieces with printemps.

These two photos are turned around. Sorry. Here is my first lift and I like it! So I didn’t do anything else to it other than sit it aside to dry.

The colors really do change as they dry. I love the purple that pulled in when the orange and blue met. I am happy with this one!

For the last one I used pink and orange and totally forgot to take any photos. But. Here it is dry and I really love it. Check out those lines where the orange dried and made cool edges. And that’s it. I just used three of the Bamboo Mixed Media tiles. They always work great! And they dry flat. Awesome! I use them for all my experiments AND for creating artwork! I will play with these neon Letrasets some more and show you what I do with them. For right now I am saying they didn’t work as well as I wanted, but I am happy with them. I’ll leave you with a few links in case you want to try some of these products.

  • Coming back a day later and adding a note. A friend left a comment on this post that might explain the poor performance of the lime. Here is what Evy told me : Letraset was acquired by Colart in 2012 & the Promarker range is now marketed by them under their subsidiary Winsor & Newton, so I reckon this set of markers must predate 2012, hence the non-performance of the green possibly?? That made me wonder, so I went back to the brand label that came in these markers to see if there was a date of manufacturing somewhere to be found.

This is the backside of the paper that came packaged in with the markers.

Here is a close up. Can you see that date on the right? 2012. Exactly what Evy suspected. Now. My question would be this. Why in the world is Amazon selling me markers that were made 7 years ago???? And why would they think the ink inside would still be reliable after all this time??? I plan on asking Amazon that very question and will let you know if I get a response. Thanks Evy! You always have my back and I love you for it! Now back to your regularly scheduled post.

And a brand new feature on the website today is a link to all the Hahnemühle products I’ve been using or want to try out and where they can be purchased. At the top of this page in that black box, hover on the word art and some drop downs will come up. Click on Art Materials and that will take you to the Hahnemühle list. Or you could just click here. Thanks for reading along. I appreciate you being here so much!

Bamboo Mixed Media is here and here
Letraset Neon Markers
Craft Mat

12 thoughts on “Letraset Neon Markers

  1. it looks like your green is dried out! It didn’t bead up on your craft mat like the other colors did. I’ll try mine and we’ll see if it’s any different. They’re definitely not as vivid as the colors you normally play with, but I really love these markers.

    • I really like the pink and orange ones. I did notice it didn’t bead up but it did make green on the mat. I haven’t tried it straight onto paper. I’d love to hear about yours

  2. these pieces are beautiful. Never heard of the Letraset Neon Markers, they are so vibrant. Have to see if I can find them in Canada.


  4. Letraset was acquired by Colart in 2012 & the Promarker range is now marketed by them under their subsidiary Winsor & Newton, so I reckon this set of markers must predate 2012, hence the non-performance of the green possibly?? Always fascinating to see what you do with these products. I have both the Aquamarkers & the Promarkers in the Letraset livery in my kitchen cupboard……… wonder if they’ll be usable when I get round to it. I went to eat my chocolate log I’d been saving from Christmas only to discover it had developed some interesting ‘furry’ areas………. so that was the end of that, it will have to be the freezer next time but I don’t think that will apply to my markers……..hmmmm

    • hahahahaha! I’m sorry for your chocolate log for I am sure it would have been wonderful!
      you know I thought surely you would be wrong about the markers because I just purchased these on amazon. so they should be new. I pulled out the paper they were packaged with and they were made in . . . 2012. why would Amazon be selling product that is this old?????????? surely you are correct in that being the reason the green doesn’t work. not happy over here in Maine. but in better news – it is warmer today and all the remaining snow just came off the roof in a big landslide! it was pretty awesome!

  5. Your posts make me smile. You struggle about not getting bright enough colours, and I’ve been feeling positively queasy this week with how bright some of my backgrounds have come out. I’ll share them when I’ve tangled them, but seriously – you’ll be so proud of me!

    In other news – my mini Bamboo pad arrived, and I’ve used a piece, and it really does flatten very well. Interested next to see how it feels to tangle on as it’s quite rough feeling!

    About the date on your marks – that date might only refer to the copyright of the packaging, design and wording etc – not necessarily to the date those particular pens were made.

    • yes, I realized that about the date last night. but the good news is I’ve heard from the company already with an apology and some new product in the post. so I’m good with that.
      bamboo pad page – if you have added color to it consider buffing it with a paper towel before you tangle. it removes any loose color debris and many times smooths it down to make drawing easier

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