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OK, so that’s not much of a preview picture but I can’t figure out how to make one any better. I am soooooo tired! Hahaha! Been battling the internet all day but I really want to get this posted while it seems to be working.

This month’s lesson in 2019 Artfully Inspired Life has to do with folk art. Something totally new to me, but one that grew on me. The thought is to make flat two-dimensional color with your elements being separated with white space. Joanne wanted us to focus on home. This is a class we pay for so I can’t give away all Joanne’s teaching tips, but I am allowed to show you what I worked on. Here you see the bare bones structure being set up. And I’m sorry the shot is a little blurry. I tried like 20 times with no luck.

Still working in the 8.5″ x 11″ Strathmore Mixed Media journal. There is exactly enough pages in this book to do the entire year. Joanne told us to think about our home and represent it in our art. I could not relate to the images I was seeing in the lesson plan or the ones other students were posting. I really didn’t want to do this lesson at all until Christine told me to make it my own. So I thought about our beautiful home here in Maine and went from there.

The painter’s tape is something everyone should know about. I mentioned it in the post I did two days ago. You can use the tape to block off areas you don’t want to cover in color. Remember I did that with a page in my Report & Art Book before I added wet media to some tangled art I did.

Here are my pages taped off and with my elements watercolored. Not looking for dimension in the elements, remember flat color and white lines.

And once all the watercoloring is completely dry, you remove the tape and it leaves these awesome white spaces. No gluey residue and no messed up paper. Awesome!

And then we journaled. Home quotes and sayings.

Where everyone else wrote ‘home’ I wrote ‘Maine’ because that is home for me.

I never really felt like Florida was ‘home’ but Maine feels like home because it is. I love where we live now. Our log home is perfect for us and it’s big enough for our kids to stay with us. For our friends to visit and feel like it is home for them, too. Our house is surrounded by 17 acres of woods. And yes, we have a legit bear cave in our back yard! And we have photo proof of moose walking through the yard as well. Dragons? Yes, we have those too. Awesome dragons made from scrap metal. Several carved out of pine tree stumps. A hanging orange dragon on the back porch. Cobbled areas in the dragon hollow. Everything you see on my two pages is legit. That would be Drew’s Mountain behind our house. This was such a super fun lesson and I learned some new things. You may notice though – there isn’t a flake of snow to be seen anywhere. Hahahahaha! A girl can dream! Spring may actually show up one day. Hahahahaha! Let me show you some of our ‘wildlife’ – hope you enjoy seeing a little bit of Maine.

This guy was in the yard on the side of the house. Mark caught this shot with his stealth camera. They have some huge ears!

Walking through the back yard. Last year the bears emerged after winter with a couple babies.

Here is the Frankles with Maleficent. That would be Prince Charming to the right with the sword. I named everyone after characters in the TV show Once Upon a Time. If you are familiar with the program, you will recognize this next shot.

I should have incorporated this in my drawing. We had this sign made special as a surprise for our daughter who is a huge OUAT fan. Best surprise ever! And to give you an idea how much snow we have that sign is 8 feet tall.

This little one is Lily. Maleficent’s daughter.

There are three of these dragons that Jimmy Strickland carved from pine tree stumps for me. That’s a bench the Frankles is sitting on – there is another dragon at the opposite end. This isn’t all my dragons, just a few. And our bear and a moose. We live in a beautiful area and I just really wanted to portray some of my love for Maine in my artwork. I hope was able to do just that.

Now on to the rest of this month’s lesson. It isn’t too late for you to join us. I will end this post with a link to the class and to Joanne’s website. A few of you have already started the class because of my posts. I am so glad you did!

Joanne Sharpe
2019 Artfully Inspired Life

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10 thoughts on “Home Collage

  1. I didn’t know that flat images with white space are characteristics of folk art. This is absolutely right as a depiction of ‘home’ for you. Seeing all the elements & having followed your blog for some time it’s evidently ‘your’ (not so) little space on earth. Love the way the lettering on white looks & is highlighted by all the surrounding colour.

    • yes, I didn’t know that either. it wasn’t what I thought of when I thought ‘folk art’ but that is the way Joanne taught it in this lesson. who knew? hahaha!

  2. I am so far behind with the lessons and you keep me going Love the spread you did You are happy and it shows Thanks for sharing

    • thanks, Elaine, I had a really hard time committing to this one until I figured out how to include my animals

  3. Awesome art! Your love of Maine shows in it. (Though if it were me, I’d have a second home to live in during the worst of winter!).

  4. What a delight! I love seeing your home. It would be just what I’d love, too! Reminds me a lot of my favorite home in Arkansas. Thanks so much for sharing!

    • you’re welcome, kyra, glad I was able to remind you of your Arkansas home. this was a lot of fun – a bit out of my normal but I loved it

    • you know how much I love Maine, thinking Mark doesn’t love it as much but I sure do 🙂

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