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Get ready for an all inclusive post. To start with I am going to review Hahnemühle‘s Report & Art Book using a bunch of different products. And I am going to wrap this post up with an international giveaway opportunity just for you.

Most of you already know Hahnemühle provides me product that I try out using any and every kind of art technique I can think of and then I do product reviews. Today I am reviewing their Report & Art Book and I’ll be reviewing it primarily for the tangle artist.

With that being said, what is one thing that tangle artists must have? They must have a store of patterns they use to make those beautiful pieces of artwork. I know from experience that many times I will be working on a piece of art and I have trouble making a decision about which pattern to use next. I may need a particular kind of pattern – one good for grids, a border tangle, maybe I need a really good filler pattern. When that happens I can reach for my Report & Art Book where I have a store of easy reference tangle patterns all set up and ready to roll. Typically I work in thumbnails, I could also show step outs in this book if I wanted.

The A5 Report & Art Book pages are roughly 6″ tall and 8″ wide. With a two page spread I am able to store 30 thumbnails. This book has 64 sheets which translates to 128 works surfaces. That is a whole lot of thumbnails! Hahaha! But you don’t have to stick to just thumbnails. Nope!

What if you wanted to tangle up a bunch of gorgeous somethings? You can do that! The paper is 90 lb weight and handles microns, fineliners, Copic multiliners, virtually any pen you tangle with – they will all do well in this book. I’ve even used a fountain pen with no problems. What about graphite and shading? Easy peasy! I used both a regular run of the mill pencil like you would use in middle school and I used a Cretacolor Megagraphite 9B pencil and smoothed both with a tortillon. I used both in the photo above. I had no problems with pilling or tearing or digging into the paper. This tangled piece is roughly 4″ x 7.5″ and it fit wonderfully on one page.

Need a place to try new techniques? New tangle ideas? This is your book for that too! When I was learning how to do the articulated molygon design you see above, the Report & Art Book was my first thought. This book is perfect for making and storing your beautiful artwork in . And I had great hopes that this articulated molygon thing was going to be beautiful! Hahaha! And I love how it turned out! There was a whole lot of shading going on with this design! And that navy blue micron was awesome! Absolutely no bleed through. My white #10 gel pen even worked super! This could definitely be a place to practice and learn and to store!

But what if adding color to your tangles is your thing? I love color! And I love trying every wet, juicy art media out there! And I wanted to try them in this book! So I began by making a ton of circles and filling them out in patterns. Ta-Da! And I totally took that photo at night and the light wasn’t good but you get the idea. Besides it wasn’t done at this point. Scroll on.

To prep this page for wet media, I ran a strip of painter’s tape all the way around the border. Don’t be afraid to tap it down strong all the way around. I wanted to keep the wet and the color inside my black line and I knew this would work. For this piece I pulled out some bottles of Ken Oliver’s Liquid Watercolors and got busy! Ken’s colors are bright and intense and to tell the truth I wanted to see how this paper handled all that wet! My technique in general is to spray the page with water, then drop in the liquid watercolor and add more water. The Ken Oliver’s sat like a blob and didn’t move much so I switched over to Dylusions Ink Sprays and they worked super! I lifted color away several times and added more color and water in a couple areas.

Water splatters with a fan brush worked great on this paper! I used a heat tool to dry the page and closed my book up overnight. The page had curled a little because of the wetness, but once it sat overnight the paper flattened back out and it looks wonderful! Then I realized the piece of art needed a little more oomph! I pulled out some Wink of Stella glitter pens and added some glitz and glimmer in various places. A simple white gelly roll pen added in a bunch of highlights. A whole lot of wet went onto this page. Several times. None of the ink color seeped through to the back. There is no ghosting of color on the back of the page. That side is ready for another work of art. The Report & Art Book can handle some wet product! And better yet, when I removed the blue painter’s tape there was no evidence left behind to know it was there. No tears and no glue residue. Perfect!

Did somebody say ‘wet product’? This page has a lot of wet but done in a different manner. The loosey goosey flowers were drawn with a Eco TWSBI fountain pen using document ink. I use that kind of ink because it stays put when I use wet media over it. The flowers were colored with Schmincke watercolors. Not an overwhelming amount of water like in the previous page, but more than what you would think this book would take. The background wash was done with Yasutomo pearlescent watercolors and I used a good amount of water. I left the page to dry naturally and it had a little rippling where the water was heaviest. Again, I closed the book overnight, securing it with the attached elastic band. The next morning the page had flattened back out.

Can we just talk about abuse of water? I wondered just how much water one page could take before it started coming apart. And I am happy to report that the Report & Art Book never let me find out. Hahahaha! Because this page had more water on it than any of the other pages and it held up and handled the abuse like a champ. Tons of water and Avery Elle Liquid Watercolors made all this beautiful color. It handled runs and drips with ease. This page did ripple and ruffle a little more than the others, but it has mostly flattened back out now. None of the color bled through, none of it shows as ghosting. In fact, want to see the back of this page? Let me show you.

Actually the next two pages because I made a spread there. These pages were done with a brayer and some gouache paint from Arteza. Simple process really. I was rolling color onto a larger sheet of paper for another project and brayered the roll-off straight into the Report & Art Book. That’s all this is. Layers and layers and layers of gouache paint. And you can see that pink (peach red) is kind of intense. It did not show through to the back of the page. And these two pages dried flat. They were not soaked with wetness, brayered color dries very quickly which leaves the paper pretty much as is. I did have a bit of an issue with the paint itself – the gouache – it feels rough to the touch and it should not. I knew it wasn’t the paper, it was something inherent in the paint and brayer system. So I wanted to try the same technique with a different type of paint and see how that page felt to the touch.

I did these two pages today. Dina Wakley just released some new colors of acrylic paint. And yay!!!! Joggles sent me a package today and I got to try some out. Love me some Joggles! Again I worked on a larger piece of paper and what you see here is the roll-off. Smooth and silky feeling to my fingertips. No roughness, just smooth pretty color and paper. These two pages will be a joy to tangle up a garden scene on. Or maybe something underwater. Oooh! Or outer space!!! I just learned a new doodle of a little spaceman! Yes!!!

But back to reviewing we go. Hahahaha! String Time in my FB group was yesterday. Each week I give them a string to tangle and this is the string for this week. I traced a 3.5″ tile in my Report & Art Book – actually two. If I had planned more strategically I might could have fit three overlapping on one page. If I had continued across both pages, I could have easily fit 5-6 tiles in a spread. Overlapping but that makes it more fun! This book is a great place to work with your strings and practice tangling. And with 64 double page spreads, if you put 5 tiles per spread that gives you enough room to tangle up 320 tiles!!! That’s a whole lot of tangling!!! If you can fit 6 per spread, that gives you room for 384 tiles. You could do one a day for a year and still have room left over! You could use one book to keep track of patterns and step outs and one book to tangle in. That’s twice the bang for your buck! And you can’t beat that! And if you are from another country you may be wondering what in the world I am talking about. It just means you can stretch your spending dollar and make this tangle combination work for an entire year!

So let’s review. Cause that’s why we’re here. To review the Report & Art Book. It is portable and good for on-the-go tangling, or painting, or sketching, or heck you could even art journal in it! The natural white pages are hard-wearing – meaning you can erase, or lift and replace color, or make any number of corrections in your sketch or painting or tangled art. It has an attached pen/pencil holder. My Tombow Mono Drawing Pen fits in it perfectly. There is a pocket inside the back cover where you could stash memorabilia, or your tracing tile for the pages, or a thin ruler to help with setting up your thumbnail pages. And you can hold it all together with the attached elastic band. I love it!

The Report & Art Book did a fine job with all the wet I threw at it. Think you might want one for yourself? If you click here, you will be taken to a page where I have links to purchase most of the Hahnemühle products including the Report & Art Book.

You could also jump in on this option – an International Giveaway that is open right now! One person somewhere in the world will win these items:

  • one A5 size Report & Art Book donated by Hahnemühle for this giveaway
  • one tin of 25 YouTangle.art Tiles donated by Hahnemühle
  • 12 Zensations Color Fineliners donated by Zebra Pen
  • one Vera Bradley pencil pouch donated by myself

The giveaway is open now and will close on Friday, March 22, 2019, at 10:00 PM. Winner will be contacted by email within 24 hours. You will need to be able to respond within 48 hours or another winner will be selected.

To Enter:

  • you must be a subscriber to this website
  • send an email to kenoly2000@hotmail.com and in the subject line enter these words: Awesome Hahnemühle Giveaway!

Should you want to go ahead and purchase a copy of the Report & Art Book, you can find links by clicking here and scrolling down.

That’s it! Easy peasy! Good luck! And if you need to subscribe, here is the link to do that:

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46 thoughts on “Hahnemühle Report & Art Book and a Giveaway!

  1. Great review! I love the Hahnemühle Report & Art book. I think if I had to be limited to just one sketchbook, this might be the one! I’m tempted to enter your giveaway just for the pencil pouch. I’m starting to grow a collection of those, lol.

    • scroll to the bottom of the post and follow the instructions. you need to send me an email to enter

    • did you send me an email? I don’t remember one. that’s the way to enter <3

  2. These are wonderful art supplies and very useful. Thank you for the giveaway.

  3. This giveaway is amazing. Reading your article, and not only this one!!!?, wants me to start right away to try everything out.

  4. wow! on limited income and can’t afford supplies. This would be wonderful to win! Thanks for the opportunity.

    • it is indeed but you have to send me an email to enter. the instructions are at the bottom of the post <3

  5. What a fantastic review. You really put it through it! And I very much enjoy seeing your art in there. Thanks for covering all the points that matter and giving some insight into the media as well

  6. Hi alice, I follow you on instagram and have loved your art for awhile now. I have sent you an email to enter this awesome giveaway. Thank you for the opportunity!

  7. That tin…I hope I win… Above all, thanl you for all these amazing giveaways…

    • you are welcome, remember you need to send me an email to enter. I think you did but just in case 🙂

  8. I love this book! I’ve been looking for a no-ghost, no-bleed book to work on. One that is tough enough to go on route with me daily. This one looks amazing! Thanks so much for a thorough review – you know I love all things wet!

    • I certainly do! hahahaha! and yes, this would be a great book to take with you – I hope you will pick up a copy and enter my giveaway!

    • I’m glad 🙂 I have so much fun! and it makes me happy to share it through these posts

  9. OK – you’ve convinced me to enter!! I was in stitches (GB English for much laughter) reading your post – so typically ‘you’ & thorough. Love the string tile – reminds me of a fish standing on it’s tail & this is the section visible through a hole………. Thanks for such thorough informative reviews & for your generosity with both time & product.

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