Fountain Pen Loosey Gooseys


That title may make absolutely no sense at all. Yet it makes perfect sense to me. Because – yes, my brain works that way. Hahahahaha!

You may have seen me mention the absurd amount of snow we’ve gotten this winter in Maine. Last count I had was around 160 inches, the yearly average is 90 so we got a lot more than we needed. The good news is we are having some higher temps – finally – and it is raining today. And the snow IS MELTING!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!! I do love snow but we had so much we couldn’t really enjoy it. See that little shoot down the back? That is where the bear cave is that I posted about a couple days ago. It won’t be long till they come out and we see who we get to host this spring and summer in our back yard.

I had a massive headache yesterday. I have found that drawing takes my mind off the pain and focuses me elsewhere and before I know it the headache is gone. I was hoping that would work yesterday – and it did mostly. I pulled out my Grey Book from Hahnemühle and Zensation Fountain Pens from Zebra Pen and sat down to draw. No plan in mind and these loosey gooseys just came out of the pen. Tangling with these fountain pens worked pretty well. I had to go back over lines in a couple places – which made the loosey goosey florals the perfect choice. They require some extra lines. Zebra sells these pens in several different sets. The set I have has seven colors. I used five of the seven in this drawing. What I did not know before this was that I could add water to the lines with a water brush and turn this fountain pen ink into a sort of watercolor wash. Keeping in mind the massive size of my headache will help you accept the loose lines a lot better. Hahahaha! Now I am curious to try these with more water in a more definite setting of lines. I do love how smooth they worked with the Grey Book. I am trying to put together a set of art big enough using the Grey Book to make a review. You will be seeing this again when I do. Now. I am going to take more Tylenol and sit in my recliner for awhile. Have a super rest of the weekend!

The Grey Book and everything Hahnemühle can be purchased here
Zensations Fountain Pens
Zebra Pen

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12 thoughts on “Fountain Pen Loosey Gooseys

  1. Oh Alice ~ I’m so sorry you’ve been suffering from a nasty migraine! I’ve never had one but my daughter has and I’ve seen them just wipe her out. And all she can do is wait it out. I’m glad to hear drawing helps to take your mind off the pain. That seems to be one of the many benefits of tangling! I love your “loosey goosey” flowers – must try those. Looks like your tangle “Viola” which I love. 🙂

    • it does indeed draw from viola. 🙂 migraines are the pits. hope this one goes away for good soon. thank you <3

  2. We’re sending you slow melting warm thoughts of headache healing energy.

  3. If someone was grumpy my Mum would always say they were ‘like a bear with a sore head’. Your post has me imaging you trudging up your snowy track to lay down with the bears until your migraine eases!

    • oh wow! hahahaha! at least I do know where the bears sleep, so that could be a possibility. a dangerous one. hahaha!

    • our high today was 20, so not any melting happening today. but I have high hopes for later in the week

  4. Take care of that head – sympathise, I’m working from my horizontal bed office today!! Love the flowers & had you not said it’s not apparent that you were suffering with a migraine. I love this kind of technique, just allowing the water to take the colour where it will.

    • thanks, I had no idea these fountain pens would act this way – a really happy surprise.

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