Floral Fun With Schmincke


2019 Artfully Inspired Life is pushing me to learn new things and I love it! I am starting to run a little behind in the lessons, but I am ok with that. My obligations are getting a little out of control and I need to start cutting back but I don’t seem to know how. I need more time to make more flowers!

Joanne Sharpe teaches this online class. It’s low stress and allows us to move at our own pace. I don’t feel pressured to work harder or faster. And I love that! For this lesson we started off in our practice journals. I learned my lesson earlier this month and moved my ‘practice’ work over to a quality sketchbook. Now I am using the Bamboo Carnet de Voyage watercolor sketchbook from Hahnemühle. And I am much happier. For this practice lesson we used a water brush and I pulled out my Schminckes to make some free flowing kind of flowers.

A little shaky but I am really happy with this one!

So I moved over to my Strathmore hardbound book we are using for the class and completed this portion of the assignment. A page of three.

Joanne wants us to add some word art to this page, but honestly I forgot all about that and didn’t really leave the room I need to do it the way she wants us to do it. I tried but I don’t like it and I’m not going to add the words. I went back and added them to another practice page. And I don’t like them there either. Hahahaha! I need to work on writing letters with a paint brush. Ugh.

So here is my completed first half of this month’s lesson. I have an idea that will help that second page in the white space along the bottom – but I haven’t gotten brave enough to actually do it yet. Because I like this two page spread. Oh well, on to the second half of the lesson which involves some cool collage stuff. Yay!!!

Joanne Sharpe
2019 Artfully Inspired Life
Bamboo Carnet de Voyage Watercolor Sketchbook
Schmincke Watercolors

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14 thoughts on “Floral Fun With Schmincke

  1. Such gorgeous vibrancy to your colors, Alice. I think these are beautiful.

    • thank you, the vibrancy comes from those Schmincke watercolors – they are so beautiful!

  2. These are beautiful! I love the looseness! Ah commitments…I can relate! Glad you are moving at your own pace and loving it! ?

    • it is going to take me forever to put this new book together. it has gotten so big but I want to do it right.

  3. Beautiful pages, and I think they are perfect the way they are. While you do want to get the most from the lessons sometimes you have listen to your muse first, and go with what makes you happy!

  4. I like the way you’ve got blue, orange & pink flowers in both making them a cohesive whole unit, aside from the fact that both feature flowers that is!! It’s no use rushing something that you want to really learn from – I can never do that & only end up getting totally stressed & then creativity dries up………. I know some people thrive on pressure……….. it’s a good thing we’re all different isn’t it?

    • hahahaha! yes, we are all different. I don’t enjoy stress. I’ve had way too much of that in my life in the past. it’s time to play now. play and enjoy life. I drew more flowers yesterday, I find that I am really enjoying those. who would have thought that!

  5. Looks like you are having fun, as usual. Love those watercolors, so vibrant…keep learning and playing.

    • thanks, patsy, good to see you here at the new place. you’ve probably commented before. thank you for your comments – they make me smile 🙂

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