Dylusions Inks and Bamboo Mixed Media


Channeling spring through vibrant color! Hahahaha! One can only hope. Temps are getting up in the mid 40s today which means snow will be melting. And that is a good thing. Bring on mud season!

Last week I pulled out a ten pack of Hahnemühle Bamboo Mixed Media tiles and had some fun. This is the last post out of that play time. I started with some new alcohol pearls and that post is here. Then I moved on to Letraset Neon Markers, which can be found here. I also tried the new Distress Oxide Inks and posted about those here. Today let’s check out some Dylusions Ink Sprays on the Bamboo and see how they worked. I was working on my craft mat which means easy cleanup because these inks just wipe right off. I used London Blue, Fresh Lime and Bubblegum Pink and just sprayed a little of each directly onto my mat. Then I spritzed some water over the whole mess of color. Links for these products are at the bottom of the post.

I took a tile and placed it facedown into the color, this time I just tapped on that left-hand side and turned it over. Where I didn’t completely smoosh the tile down into the color I got that awesome speckled effect. If I had sprayed water onto those speckles on the tile – the water would mix with the color and I would have gotten more of what I had on the left. But – I like it this way with both effects on one piece. At that point, I just sat the tile aside to dry.

Yes, this does look like the same photo – almost. I used what was left on the craft mat and added some more fresh lime to the center where I had lifted the first tile.

This time I placed the tile down, and smooshed it all around. Yep! And you do the hokey-pokey and you turn yourself around. uh. wrong story.

And turned the tile over – cool, but a little too wet and muddy in places. So I used a paper towel all kind of scrunchified up and blotted and voila! got some really cool texture!

You may have to stand on your head because I totally have this photo upside down from the one above but you get the idea. Blot, blot, tap, tap = instant texture and the mud is mostly gone. Still wet, so I sat it aside to dry and moved on.

London blue and fresh lime. Spritzed with water and it’s all ready for some paperwork.

I tried to cover as much of the color as possible with this placement. I don’t always worry about that. I really like looking at those little beads of color to the right and seeing how the colors change where the blue and green blended – thanks to the water.

Then I turned the tile over and held it at an angle to let the color run in drips and lines.

I touched the tile back down into the color to pick some up on the right hand and lower section, and I noticed I still had a bit of color left on the mat.

So I flipped the tile over and colored the back side with as much color as I could pick up.

I was once again trying to organize some supplies and I had the Avery Elles sitting on the desktop so I used a couple of those to make two tiles. Same technique – the colors are fizz and cherry. I really like these Avery Elles but they do lighten up a lot as they dry. Let me show you.

Here they are dry. Interesting that in the last one – I can’t see any of that green or blue in the wet tile photo, but once they dried the extra color shows up. That is going to be residual Dylusions that I didn’t get wiped up well on the mat. And that’s ok, I totally love the extra color.

I don’t have any photos making this tile, but I can tell that the colors are going to be fresh lime and bubblegum pink. I love the crisp green vertical edge on that left side.

Here is one side of that blue and green after it dried.

Here is the back.

Pretty sure this is my favorite! Everyone needs a favorite when it comes to color backgrounds.

Here is the back of the one above. Just enough color to make it interesting.

And here is the last one. Stayed pretty much exactly the same as it dried. Dylusions ink sprays are fun to use, they work every time! I’m still experimenting with the Avery Elles but so far I love them. Just remember the colors lighten up as they dry so you might want to go a little heavy with the color to start with. And those of you who asked about my green Letraset Neon Marker that didn’t work – Amazon sent me a new set, I received them in two days and this green works like a champ! Yay!!!!! Have a great day! Thank you so much for reading. I have some new product coming that I will be showing you very soon!

Where to buy Bamboo Mixed Media and all things Hahnemühle can be found here.
Dylusions Ink Sprays
Craft Mat
Water Spritzer
Avery Elle Liquid Watercolor

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10 thoughts on “Dylusions Inks and Bamboo Mixed Media

    • thanks, Sandra, I just enjoy making the backgrounds and putting them in a pile. hahaha! one day I will get around to drawing on all of them.

  1. I ? your beautiful way with color. I enjoy reading your posts everyday. Also love your dragons they kinda fight the snow a bit. All that snow, pretty to look at, but. Here’s hoping you have a blessed weekend.

    • I understand – we have way too much snow this year. it is raining today so that may help with some melting. spring time has to show up eventually. right?

  2. Alice, what is the bamboo surface you are using to spray your colors on for transferring onto your art paper?

  3. I can see you had a LOT of fun with these inks – very much your thing. You have an incredible knack of avoiding mud even when you use green & red together (they’d be mud for me I’m pretty sure). Glad you had a replacement from Amazon – they seem to be pretty good like that.
    Looking forward to seeing what tangles appear on this batch of tiles.

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